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    Indica hybrid hemofredit sprayed with a reverse fem spray
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    Indica hybrid hemofredit sprayed with a reverse fem spray
  3. J

    Abandoned Amnesia Haze Auto - Indoor Hydro Grow

    My girls have arrived...
  4. G

    Abandoned Incredible Bulk X 4 - Grow Journal

    Hey folks, Thanks for stopping by my grow journal for my next crop, Dr. Krippling's Incredible Bulk. This time around I'm going full tilt and planted 4 feminized IB seeds I got from Herbies (they really rock!) and got 4/4 germinated. Can't beat that! Anyway, here are the first 8 days of...
  5. G

    Completed Gasan's - First Grow - First Journal - White Widow - Hydro Grow In Personal Grow Box

    This adventure actually started back in late October. I ordered the grow box and and researched strains and decided on White Widow for my first attempt. I used rock wool cubes to start in the net pots and I made LOTS of mistakes in the beginning. I started keeping a journal because I didn't...
  6. G

    General Hydroponics FloraNova Grow & Bloom

    hello guys, im new on this page, i usually use --------.com but they've been slacking on the replies so i figured id give 420 mag a shot.... im running a DWC system but im running jacks classic bloom which i know its not a hydro nute. i do see nice and steady growth but i want to do this the...
  7. Skylinedive

    I'm finally starting! (first grow, hydro-grow cabinet)

    I'm very excited to say that I'm ready to start my first grow! I decided to buy a grow closet from Super Closet. I know this was en expensive way of starting. I've read a bunch of journals and seen a lot of home-configurations-on-a-budget; everything went great for them. So... I get that...
  8. H

    11m x 4m grow

    Hello everyone , I want to grow in a 11 meters x 4 meters room. I already grew my own stuff and know what to do with nutrients and the other stuff. I know this is very very much , but I just want to know which way is the best...
  9. G

    Help a girl out, what does everyone think about this hydro system I got?

    What do you think? I'm a first time grower. When should I start adding nutrients after I put my seedlings in. Btw the seedlings will be in rockwool cubes with hydro balls thanks
  10. D

    Hydroponice indoor system (help please

    :420:Hello this will be my first grow ever and I'm trying to avoid the first timer mistakes so my question is what do you use for your indoor growing unit and howeffective is it.. please break it down for me.
  11. D

    hydroponice indoor system (help please

    :420:Hello this will be my first grow ever and I'm trying to avoid the first timer mistakes so my question is what do you use for your indoor growing unit and howeffective is it.. please break it down for me i am a noob at this thanks
  12. AfricanGrower

    Completed AfricanGrower's 1st Hydro Journal - Ebb&Flow - Bubblelicious 2013

    :welcome:and hello all fellow growers, some of you might of seen me around the forums browsing through and obtaining more information. All for this grow right here. This will be my first attempt at a hydro setup, but given that I have grown in soil before I feel I have a good amount of...
  13. G

    Abandoned First Time Hydro Grow! Advice Welcome

    This is my first grow. I'm 18 days into the veg stage. So far so good. Again this is my first grow and I would love positive helpful info for a successful grow.
  14. Tokeman1

    Completed Tokeman1's 2k Hydro H20 Cooled Tent

    Hi folks, I have been growing on and of for 20 years ranging from 8 -60 plant grows all in soil and most organic. I have been relatively successful but now that I could have gotten much better results, especially in yield consistency. This is my first attempt growing hydro, and any...
  15. B

    First time indoor grower having CFL burnout issues

    Hi all, I'll just start out by saying this is my first attempt at an indoor grow, I've gathered my most of my knowledge from these forums and it all seems to be going fairly well, I'm just wondering if anyone has run into issues with 27k CFL tubes burning out, just had my 2nd tube in 2 weeks go...
  16. WizHigh

    Questions Questions Question!!! Off With the Fan Leaves Will it Still Grow?

    My first grow was going lovely 22 days strong. Great green color nice thick stalk and fan leaves huge. A couple days ago its mood swings start kicking in. I ddnt know what to hink so I read forums and googled a lot before making any moves to fix this problem. The problem was zinc and magnesium...
  17. Hydroponian

    Abandoned 1st Timer - Hydro - Vanilla Kush - Lemon Skunk - Big Bug

    400MH (getting the HPS later in grow) 4 Gallons in reservoir (thinking of making it 5) Timer Digital thermometer/hydrometer Rockwool cubes General Hydroponics Ebb N Flow switchable ballast pH tester + pH UP and DOWN Holland Secret nutrient Micro 5-0-2 Grow 2-1-7 Bloom 0-6-4 Cardboard...
  18. W

    Completed First Hydro CFL Grow

    Well to start off i have a bagseed MID im on 3 weeks tomorrow i have pics plan on vegging for at least 4-5 weeks. I started my grow on 10/1/10
  19. D

    Abandoned DrDan's Advanced Nutrients Hydro Grow, Afghan-Gooey and Others

    Hello all and welcome to my first grow journal. I am a medical MJ patient and I grow for myself and 2 other patients. I am currently getting things rolling so I can harvest every 4 to 5 weeks. The strains I am using are high THC content and two are mystery girls that are either White Widow or...
  20. Hashy

    Abandoned Hashy's Growing Adventures

    Hey everyone, It's a new year and I'm back with a new journal and new strains. I grow for myself to relieve pain and anxiety and to provide relief from daily stresses, but I also grow for a sick family member. I'm growing Kandy Kush (OG Kush x Trainwreck - Reserva Privada), Purple Cindy...
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