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    A few things for this first time grower

    I will start growing with in the next 6 months and there are a lot of questions i have. The closet i will be doing is a 3'x4'x5' area. 2 chambers. hydroponic system. Seeds: Do i want to put seeds directly into the 10" hydro pots or grow them in lets say red cups? I don't want to replant these...
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    Hydrohut or similar tent?- any comments or experience with

    Hi all, love the site! And you guys and gals really know your shit. :slide::439: I was considering picking up a Hydrohut and was wondering if anyone had any experience with, and maybe some pros / cons. It makes sense for me :smokin: I wanted to expand a bit ( not at home, this place would be...
  3. C

    Dame Blanche in my MJ tanner

    :ciao: Welcome to my grow journal! This is my very first grow - totally exciting. Although I'm probably going to need tons of advice along the way :) Whilst finishing building my MJ tanner, I have begun sprouting one feminized Dame Blanche seed that I hope will become the mother plant. Once...
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    Strawberry cough,Champange,Sour Diesel and Bubba Kush In A DR120

    I am set back up after the hydrohut problems. I lost a few crops in that thing but I did learn a lot more about growing. The problems seemed never ending in the hydrohuts and I spent time reading up on each situation so for that I am thankful it increased my growing knowledge. I now...
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    My first Hydro: White Widow

    Ok. I will start off with my setup. I have a botanicare ebb and flow it holds 8 plants I have a 400w HPS its timed for 18/6 and then my ww seeds. I germinated 8 seeds. i transplanted them into their new homes and only one liked his new home. the others never popped. I have no idea what happend...
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