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  1. T

    DWC fine tuning

    Good evening and happy new year . my name is Tes im new to the site and am looking for a little help. I've been reading all over the internet several websites give seven different answers. Seems to me growing isn't black and white and you just have to jumo in and get your hands dirty to really...
  2. W

    Question about size of hydroponic system

    hi guys i am pretty new to the art of growing and have a question for you vets. I was wondering are the pots in my hydro system too close together and will they be able to grow tall?
  3. Weed Farmer

    Hi Farmers! This is my first grow and I will be using hydro. Any tips?

    Hey everyone. This is my first time growing my stock and am excited. I have finished building my growroom and am currently 3 weeks in from seed. I am interested in sharing my setup and getting feedback from yall. Happy growing
  4. K

    Really need help please

    I have my clones in hydro with nutes and everything and their leaves are changing yellow I am wondering what I should do ?
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