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  1. 425jesse

    Gorilla Bomb Garden Many Come From One

    Hello Grow-universe, time to start the next crop! This grow should keep me busy for 4-5 months or so, maybe a little more. I really enjoyed the last time I grew out the GB, but I didnt make a mommy and want to this time, as well as take a wicked set of clones off her to fill the chamber...
  2. 425jesse

    425Jesse's Winter/Spring Grow 1200w HID - Hydro - Canna/NSW - Mixed Strains

    Welcome friends and family to my next grow! I have 4 grows under my belt at this point, and have had a decent success rate. First grow was great, rookie success I'm sure. Second grow I fostered some strains with poor genetics, and it turned out poorly for a couple reasons. Third grow had all...
  3. B

    Hydroponics Help - Veg State - Pre-Flowering

    Hey everyone. It's an honor to be a part of the community now that I have started my first grow. I purchased this megagarden ebb and flow system and I do love it but I'm having some troubles. Ive managed to get my plant to grow a good amount so far but I feel like I'm missing a lot. Here's...
  4. K

    DWC Maxibloom?

    Making a 5 gallon DWC unit. Hydrofarm 6-Watt 15-LPM Air Pump 2 Hydrofarm ASCL Large Active Aqua Air Stones Air tubing PH Meter EC & ppm Meter Custom Light Fixture using cxb3590 Cobs Indica Aurora Seeds Maxibloom Powder Nutrients Tapwater (Not RO) Anyone have any success with the Maxibloom...
  5. TheFertilizer

    Fan choice: Active Air versus Apollo

    I can get an Active Air (Hydrofarm) fan or an Apollo one with a controller built in, for pretty much the same price. Is the Hydrofarm stuff better than Apollo in terms of lifespan or anything?
  6. K

    T5 Help

    So I was looking at some t5 lights and wonder which would be better. Im looking at: Sun Blaze t5-48 Sun Blaze 960305 | Fluorescent Grow Light Fixture or HydroFarm FLP48 HydroFarm FLP48 - Tube Designer Fixture - 4 ft. 8 Lamp Sun blaze only needs 54.0 W where Hydrofarm needs 432 W...
  7. GuttaCannabis

    GuttaCannabis - 2nd Organic Indoor Grow - 600W HPS - Grow Journal 2016

    Wassup 420 I'm back!! it's ya boi Gutta with another grow opps and im letting yall in on it :) lol I'm super excited about this grow I've upgraded from cfl's to a 600w hydrofarm hps and I got some good strains to pop off the new year. I recently purchased 5 critical kush from Barney's Farm 2...