1. misfits666

    Water & hydrogen peroxide into super soil for sterilization, then?

    hello for all of you fantastic growers.. yesterday i pour 1 liter of water mixed with hydrogen peroxide into my super soil mix... then today i got this white stuff on my soil.. is it dangerous?? or is it good mycellium?? please help me guys.. peace and love for all of you..✌️❤️
  2. NonGMO

    Seeds not sinking

    Hello guys 2nd ever forum post here on 420Magazine, this is my first time growing and experimenting with growing but I took honors Biology and Agriculture so I know a little around here. But I'm having some troubles with getting my seeds to sink. Yesterday I started the germination process with...
  3. NonGMO

    Will seed be damaged?

    Hello guys this is my first post on 420magazine and also my first time growing, I have a few questions that may be kinda dumb but I'm trying my best and looking to get as much help and practice I can get. Ok so today I bought some seeds 2 White Widows and 1 OG Skunk I started the germination...
  4. mangosnapper

    Soaking seeds in hydrogen peroxide?

    I watched a guy on you tube getting his seeds ready for germination. And he took a Red Solo Cup, filled it 3/4 of the way up with Hy- Peroxide and 1'4 water. And then he dropped like 5 or so seeds in it to soak for like 5 minutes while he got his soil mix ready to put them in, for them to...
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