1. S

    Looking for info on Purple Cadillac strain

    Good day or evening everyone, just back from the movies and saw the new Mad Max Fury Road. it was very exciting. now to the reason i am posting: i am looking for growing tips and all around info on Purple Cadillac Strain. is it a heavy feeder? using mostly GH products here in coco. 9...
  2. hydrofun

    Completed My 2nd 1st Attempt - Bubble Bucket Grow

    So after a failed first attempt at a kessil grow(personal issues not the kessils fault) in hydroponics bubble I am back for my 2nd try and a my 1st completed grow journal. (Fingers crossed). Any way I got a list of nuts and lights etc.. Nuts: Advanced Nutrients Grow, Micro, and Bloom (still...
  3. 420downunder

    New growers joining the club!

    Hello all, We are a couple of new growers who are joining the 420 club! As we are "420downunder" we are living in the tropics of Northern Australia. We currently have out first grow on the way and about to start germinating our seeds for the second lot. Photos of our progression are...
  4. greenthumbesg

    Completed DWC - MK Ultra - Multiple Strains Grow Journal

    This is my first journal so I'm going to try to be as detailed as possible. I am using a New Reflective Mylar 32" X 32" X 63" Hydroponics Grow Tent. With a 125 Watt, 65 Watt, 45 Watt CFL grow lights. I also using a clip on fan at the top of my tent, and a 32 inch oscillating fan. I am using a 4...
  5. C

    LED question

    When growing in a growbox with an LED light, lets say, hydro grow led penetration light, do you still need to use reflective material such as mylar on the walls, or is this not necessary with these lights? I ask because I will soon be constructing my first box and I intend to use LED lights...
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