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  1. Liam300

    Ice Cream Cake Grow Journal

    What’s going on guys, this is my 2nd time around with this plant and I love it! This plant i cloned from a mom I started up and she has loved her life growing vigorously. I vegged her for about a month and a half under a little 60w led and now that I flipped her to flower i put her in the bigger...
  2. M

    Help! Problem with hydroponics

    hey everyone, I have recently set up 2 *feminized photo period White Widow* in a mars hydro 3x3x7 tent, tsw2000, 8'' fan, 5gal dwc, flora series nutes, and this is my first time growing hydro. over the past couple of days I've noticed some yellow/brown spots showing up on their leaves. plant A...
  3. M

    The curious case of Frank the FrankenPlant

    This is Frank. Frank is bi-rooted. Frank likes to mingle with pretty pink flowers, bugs and enjoys the great outdoors. He's just like any other plant except, of course for his dirty little secret. Franks drinks sewagewater. Ugh... For Frank, life started off as a discarded seed lying next to a...
  4. N

    Mesh/net pot size for hydroponic

    So I'm new to hydroponics and was wondering what is a ideal pot size for hydrophonics set up I guessing the pot doesn't need to be too big as it doesn't contain the roots Is 3 inch too small?
  5. R

    First hydroponics, hell, help me

    I kept it in tap water for about two weeks. The time has been around for two weeks, but the growth is only about one week. I have a lot of advice today, and I set it up. A day has passed since I installed it. But the babies have not changed at all. Why is there no change? Is it not sensitive to...
  6. 20180530_125027.jpg


    Sativa hybrid week 5 flowering
  7. K

    Watering & feeding a young plant in a big pot

    its perlit & coco mix, i use canna coco a/b 1.2 per liter with the water PHed 5.8. day cycle :27-28 celcius, dark cycle : 20-22 celcius. here is the lady I couldnt find this particular question so that i like to post it here. my question is about the watering/feeding as its no more a...
  8. D

    Dirty Harry - Green-O-Matic - 150W HID - DWC Hydro

    Dirty Harry's Hydro Green-O-Matic Grow Journal - 2014 Hey everybody, It is my second Green-O-Matic grow but first journal. It is autoflowering strain which is hybrid of Moroccan, Ruderalis & White Dwarf strains. However, it's characteristic mostly indica (about 85%). I had couple...
  9. K

    First Time Grower: Hydroponics - Aquamist System

    I recently purchased an Aquamist IV 60 site system. I will run indica variety plants and lollipop the majority of my plants. For this 1st run, I plan on running six different strains to see which plants respond well, offer big yields, and have great flavor. I will be taking clones from my plants...
  10. H

    Hello from HeirChronic

    trying my hand at hydroponic growing for the first time, exciting learning curve. looking forward to joining in the discussions :bong:
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