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    Mesh/net pot size for hydroponic

    So I'm new to hydroponics and was wondering what is a ideal pot size for hydrophonics set up I guessing the pot doesn't need to be too big as it doesn't contain the roots Is 3 inch too small?
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    First hydroponics, hell, help me

    I kept it in tap water for about two weeks. The time has been around for two weeks, but the growth is only about one week. I have a lot of advice today, and I set it up. A day has passed since I installed it. But the babies have not changed at all. Why is there no change? Is it not sensitive to...
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    Sativa hybrid week 5 flowering
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    Watering & feeding a young plant in a big pot

    its perlit & coco mix, i use canna coco a/b 1.2 per liter with the water PHed 5.8. day cycle :27-28 celcius, dark cycle : 20-22 celcius. here is the lady I couldnt find this particular question so that i like to post it here. my question is about the watering/feeding as its no more a...
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    Dirty Harry - Green-O-Matic - 150W HID - DWC Hydro

    Dirty Harry's Hydro Green-O-Matic Grow Journal - 2014 Hey everybody, It is my second Green-O-Matic grow but first journal. It is autoflowering strain which is hybrid of Moroccan, Ruderalis & White Dwarf strains. However, it's characteristic mostly indica (about 85%). I had couple...
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    First Time Grower: Hydroponics - Aquamist System

    I recently purchased an Aquamist IV 60 site system. I will run indica variety plants and lollipop the majority of my plants. For this 1st run, I plan on running six different strains to see which plants respond well, offer big yields, and have great flavor. I will be taking clones from my plants...
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    Hello from HeirChronic

    trying my hand at hydroponic growing for the first time, exciting learning curve. looking forward to joining in the discussions :bong: