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hydroponic system

  1. J

    Hydroponic dwc (deep water culture) setup?

    Hello everyone! Let's just dive right in! I want to build a hydroponic deep water culture system with timers that regulate 7-10 day nutes change, as well as a 7-10 day flush. Is this a good idea first and foremost? I want to use 4/3.5 gallon buckets with 3 inch net pots. Top fed...
  2. G

    1st Grow - Unknown Seeds - Comments & Suggestions Welcome!

    Hey everyone, newbie here. Thought ill start a grow journal to get some help on problems I may run into and mostly comments and suggestions u guys may have for me. Thanks Time---1am (day 16) Strain-----Unknown Method-----Hydroponic Location---Indoor/growbox Medium----Rockwool, Clay pellets...
  3. Alkhemist

    Alkhemist - Top Feed Drip Hydroponics - Big Bud x Super Skunk #1

    greets all! this is my first hydro journal on 420mag and my first time using a top feeding drip system. -i'm using 4x 15litre pots -hydroton clay balls for grow medium -30 litrewater/nutes(rain water) -growzilla a and b for vegetative stage(with nitrozome for added N and trace element...
  4. D

    Dealzer.com New Grow Systems

    Hey all! Sorry I haven't posted here in a while. I was finishing up college and was super busy. Ok, so I wanted to tell you about 2 new hot grow boxes that we are currently selling and update you on some other items. To view any of these items, please go directly to Dealzer.com because we are...
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