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    BCNL The Producer Grow Box

    Hello everybody I recently purchased a BCNL grow box the producer to be exact. I'm currently one week into my grow (started from seed) this is my very first time growing. I have a couple buddies that have experience but none of them grow in boxes and neither do hydros. I'm hoping to get a little...
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    Goku Root Plug Purple Kush 2015

    Hello All. This is Goku First grow ever. Very nervous and very excited. Like all noobs, I have tons of questions. But first let me get you up to speed. Kamehameha!! It's an indoor grow. Cash Crop 4.0 - 6 Plant Grow Box (to be exact) Seedbank- kropkingseeds Purple kush indica sativa...
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    Wonder twin power, activate! Shape of Hemp!

    yo yo yo yooo what upp my peeps :volcano-smiley: Joker is a new hydroponic grower. Full of questions. Joker hasn't even started his first cycle. Clown would love help throughout the WHOLE cycle if that's possible... (if anyone wants to help joker) joker just needs help WHEN to put and HOW...
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