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  1. M

    Hi, Playing With Hydro And Grow Lights

    I am from the UK, but located in Asia, so no bud growing here. However, interested in hydroponics and LED Grow lights. When I built my first setup, these communities offered the best advice and gave me some real expert insight to hydro. I'm here to learn more. Glad to be part of the community.
  2. Pinktiger777

    Pink's Perpetual Experiments

    Welcome to my newest journal, all! Those of you who have seen my previous efforts will know that I often jump off the train and then wonder why my legs are broken or worse. I call these efforts "my experiments." I really can't help it. A purely perfect grow, with everything going just peachy...
  3. Q

    Identify my issue

    First pic: just noticed issue. 2nd pic: 2 days later. Current culture Nutrients Feed 1 time a week Deep water culture Temp 68 F PH 6.2 stable EC .35 2nd week of nutrient cycle Magnesium deficiency??? Epsom salt Foliar spray
  4. D

    Help a guy out!

    Hey guys. I'm away to start my first hydroponics grow in around a week. I've been reading up on it for a month or so now and think I have it pretty much figured out, well.. the basics anyway. I'm just not sure about nutrition amount, ppm etc as there seems to be alot of conflicting info on the...
  5. Kabbal

    Kabbal's First Indoor Grow Journal In 6 Years

    Hello all. This is my First Hydroponics Journal and I plan to update this as I go. Please go easy on me but also give the harsh reality if I am doing something you pro's would not. Also I had to dump my first 30 days as I have started this in December but had trouble finding a happy home. This...
  6. Jae416ixside

    Best type of lights for my Bubble Bucket DWC - First grow

    Hi was wonder if anyone that had experience with the bubble bucket (dwc) grow. I'm doing 2 5gal buckets in a grow tent (size/pics) below. - Question is what is the best type of lights for my set up? Was thinking of 400w or 600w HPS MH w/ Cool tube Reflector but not sure any ideas/suggestions...
  7. C

    Carlito21's Pineapple Chunk - DWC - 2015 Journal

    Hello. Decided to start a grow journal after an issue that happened with the plants (look at my other thread) the plants are getting over the shock I'm sure and soon enough growth will be back to normal. Anyways, strain is pineapple chunk. Two plants in a non recirculating DWC system. Have...
  8. N

    Advice Needed

    Hello everyone :) this is my first post and will also be my first time growing!! So far I have purchased a Xen-Lux grow tent 5x5x6'8 (lengthxwidthxheight) and also 4 Mars II 400 watt LED grow lights. The tent is set up and ready to roll. I am looking to grow hydroponically and am curious on any...
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