hydroponics system

  1. J

    Please advise - 1st time grower

    In the process of germinating autoflowering lowrider drawf seeds and the YouTube video I watched it said that to only transfer into soil? Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't a Hydro setup produce faster and much higher yields? I plan on modding a wicker storage unit with 3 levels and 6 selves...
  2. Dankroots619

    Abandoned Waterchilled 8 Gallon DWC - Tangie - SolisTek Double Ended - Newbie

    Hello fellow growers, been growing on and off for some time now, always wanted to take a shot at some DWC goodness and finally took the plunge. This is a test run for the new system to kind of get a feel for things. Currently building a DIY UC 4XL system. So lets get rolling :420: Setup Sun...
  3. G

    Thoughts on this stuff?

    I was wondering if anyone has used JR Peters hydro fertilizers? I was looking at this: Buy Hydroponics - J. R. Peters Inc. Fertilizer Products And Services and have also noticed some people on a couple of other forums mentioning them. Any thoughts?
  4. W

    Question about size of hydroponic system

    hi guys i am pretty new to the art of growing and have a question for you vets. I was wondering are the pots in my hydro system too close together and will they be able to grow tall?
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