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  1. KJC420

    Cookies Kush Grow From Seed

    :welcome::420: Hey there 420, Hope your all having an awesome day and welcome to my first online grow journal. Have just sprouted a few cookies kush seeds from barneys farm. All 8 seeds sprouted over three days and were germinated in rockwool (PH,'d to 5.8). After one day of breaking the surface...
  2. BubbaDank

    Back with a vengeance and great for any questions.

    :420:So ...I've been a member for pretty good amount of time . I am just getting back into the forums again so I figured I would 're introduce myself for those that don't remember. And just to inform anyone with questions about growing or startups, to feal free to add me and ask away .I have...
  3. D

    First time grower, Diablo OG

    Just joined. I need help growing and this site seems legit. Diablo is apprx 3 months old in an Aerogarden. so far im STOKED, its beautiful. except for some burnt leaves and the few new growths that are or hopefully WERE curling up. I'm still vegging, I flushed it on Sunday. added 11ml of general...
  4. Narcissus

    New member searching for the insights of an experienced grower!

    Hi my name's "Narcissus" & it's a pleasure to meet all of you. I just joined this community because I've just begun my first grow (2 Dutch Passion Blueberry, 2 EZ-Ryder, 1 Auto-Flowering Critical Jack, & 1 Blue Widow/Venom). My Setup: I'm using 2-105w CFL's (full spectrum - 5500 lumens) &...
  5. P

    Hyrdo setup for upcomming cabinet- Suggestions?

    I started putting together the aeroponic/hydro setup for my cabinet. The main chamber will hold 10 to 15 gallons comfortably. I used 5in net pots as I can only have 4 mature plants so SOG is out of the question :( I did a varation of many systems but mainly from the stinkbud setup I guess...
  6. J

    Grow cabinets

    Hello everyone, I wanted to know if anyone in this community can recommend a grow cabinet? I'm new to growing with hydroponics and I hear great things about this method and its benefits. I'm looking for a system that's easy to assemble and use. I would prefer a system that's already built and...
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