1. 505FARMER

    Gods Gift & Do-Lato, 2x4 Tent, Home Grow New Mexico

    Hey whats up guys just went to flower today. figured I'd share the set up and where im at with my home grow and hopefully provide some info or help or answer questions even. Plants: Germinated 6 gods gift regs (GDPxOG KUSH) have a clone of dolato (dosido x Gelato44) growing with the gods gift...
  2. Pinktiger777

    Using coco coir, perlite and hydroton in ebb and flow

    I've been growing in hydroton exclusively now for a few years, but I'm looking for a lighter medium. Does anyone have experience growing with a mixture (50/50) of coco coir and perlite on top, and a 2-inch layer of hydroton at the bottom? I saw a rather old article online that suggests it...
  3. S

    Please Help Identify My Problem

    Hi All, So I’ve got 3 plants growing. Indoor hydro. All 3 are in clay pebbles (hydroton) with drip irrigation using the Lucas method for feeding (8ml micro, 16ml bloom - 3 part EHG Liquid nutrients). I’ve been using RO water to feed. Water has been ph’d and is maintained between 5.7-6.3 or so...
  4. H

    Hand watering Hydroton

    Hey Guys, Just wanted to gain some knowledge. what I'd like to know is, can i start my seeds in cocopeat jiffyplugs and once the roots start poking outta the plugs.. can i place the plant into.. say a 1 or 2 gallon smart pot filled with ONLY hydroton.. and manually hand-water the plants...
  5. steppedinds

    My Closet Ebb & Flow Diagram

    Thought I would post this for those that may find it useful. Hope it does. Used 3'x2' 21gallon mortar trays from Home Depot for fill trays, and just regular Rubbermaid tubs for reservoirs that I keep with 12.5gal of solution. This seems to be the right amount with only 50L of hydroton in each...
  6. B

    Roots growing above medium? How bad a shape am I in?

    So I saw that my new roots starting growing above my medium (hydroton) a little bit... not much... just little nubs. I read around on the forum and saw that meant they were root-bound. I figured that must mean not enough oxygen since I'm in a bubbleponic system. I then checked and saw that...
  7. steppedinds

    First week of flooding: Ebb & Flow

    for the fellow ebb and flow growers: for the first week after planting your rockwool cubes into your hydroton trays, how long do you set your timers? is every 3 hours at 6 minutes too much if the flood is halfway over the rockwool cubes? obviously there are not yet alot of roots outside the...
  8. steppedinds

    Algae on rockwool

    any algeacide i can use, or can i cover them up with hydroton or something?
  9. Underthunder

    Completed S.A.D. - S1 Sweet Afghan Delicious

    My first attempt with DWC single bucket and scrog Cutting is rooted and ready for DWC my room is only 6 ft.long by 20 inches wide 8 ft. vertical so it is pretty small. I have been growing for 20 years all ebb and flow using rockwool or hydroton this is my first attempt at dwc or scrog I...
  10. W

    Coco-Hydroton watering confusion

    I have about 50/50 mix of coco and hydroton in a passive hydro system ( 2 inch reservoir) and 5 gal plastic buckets. I've read the mutiple posts and seen the vids about watering which mainly seem to give the advice of watering every day to 3-5 times week. Insert finger up to knuckle see if...
  11. C

    Kosher Kush - pH - Germinating/Veg

    My set up is a 5x5 tent vented w carbon filters and 6" controlled fans in and out of the tent. Out goes into the attic. Intake is just sitting outside of the tent in a corner of the room (filter/fan/ducting). temp with bloom on is at 75, 73 with veg only. I'll be adding another 600W LED in...
  12. W

    Second first post and first grow

    I accidentally uploaded this to the FAQ section (like an idiot). So I'll try this again! Hey everyone. This is my first post on this forum and is also my first time growing. I spent 2 years browsing forums, reading books, and watching YouTube videos before I decided to give it a go. It wasn't...
  13. ZARBU

    How to re-use Hydroton - Bleach

    Hi so you have finished a grow, you want to clean and reuse your hydroton. Here is the easy way. Bleach yep bleach. buy the unscented stuff from the supermarket. its cheap as, a few dollars for 2 litres. 2 litres of bleach to 4 litres of water = 6 litres. make as much as you need. cover...
  14. Far East Buds

    Clones directly to hydroton

    I run top feed and my seeds I just popped directly into the hydroton and they really liked it. I was wondering why wouldn't clones like this??? Has anyone tried this? Thanks for reading!! FE
  15. F

    Help a Flood & Drainer out?

    I'm doing a perpetual SOG F&D (2 week old clones go straight to flower) in a botanicare table with lucas formula but I'm going to do a mediumless table... the only medium will be hydroton in the netcups suspended in the air by a tray cover with frequent floods... but my problem is its perpetual...
  16. C

    Abandoned Crisisb3 - 1000 Watt DE - Ebb & Gro - SFV OG - 2015

    Hello, I am creating this new thread to help me in progressing with my ability. Also maybe to help other people in be progress. This will be the first time I have ever done a thread and vey much so intend on finishing I will take pictures of the room throughout the entire process . Explain...
  17. B

    Mylar sheet over the hydroton

    Hi, I recently put a circular sheet of mylar over the hydroton that goes around the plant, it has reduced water loss through evaporation and humidity. I am wondering even with these benefits along with the extra light reflection could it be harmful to the plant or roots? So far it seems to be...
  18. M

    DWC Bubbleicious CFL Closet Grow 2x

    Starting 2nd grow... From TX. Indoors.. In closet.. In "Garden of Ease" by sunleaves Using DIY reflectors with CFL in blue and red spectrums One oscillating fan Using hydroton for medium and using sunleaves starter cubes for seeds. Have General Hydroponics nutes Micro and...
  19. P

    No net pots?

    Hey all, first time poster, and fairly new grower. I've got five gallon buckets that are working fine for my bigger plants. Previously i had started them out in a fairly shallow, large plastic bin i had cut 6 holes in. But now, i'd like to do away with the holes and do a sort of...
  20. I

    First Time Grower - Quick Question

    Just started my first grow after quite a bit of research. I am currently about 10 days intO the seedling phase, so far so good. I will be using a rdwc top feed drip hydro setup in 5 gal buckets with 8" netpots and hydroton for Veg. Currently the seedlings are rooted in 1.5" rockwool cubes with...
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