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  1. mackdaddyerb

    TD Silent vs Hyper Fan Stealth

    Torn between.... S&P TD 500 Silent Vs Phresh Hyper Fan Stealth 8" TD will be on full power offering 550-580cfm (28db) Stealth will be on 50% offering around 600cfm (not sure) Which is superior Which is quieter Anyone have either? Any advice would be...
  2. mackdaddyerb

    Phresh Hyperfan with silencer vs Phresh Stealth fan with built in silencer

    Has anyone here used or heard of the Phresh Stealth fan? there seems to be very little coverage of it anywhere on google. I came across one product review and someone said the built in muffler created 'oscillating sounds' due to its bulld but nothing else on it hardly. The stealth is supposed...