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  1. NaturalSpirit

    Natural Spirit's Hyperactive Journal Of 2020

    High everyone and welcome to my brand new journal :slide: :circle-of-love: :slide: This journal will showcase quite a lot at the same time or so is my plan. Thanks to my previous journal that did run a year longer then expected, i can now narrow down what it is i'd like to try. My growing...
  2. chooselove

    Placing exhaust fan outside tent

    Currently have this setup: 315 cubic feet 5 x 9 grow tent 8" hyper fan 8 x 24 carbon filter currently have: hyper fan mounted in grow tent --> insulated ducting --> attic --> carbon filter --> insulated ducting --> towards attic vent outside So, the hyper fan seems a bit loud at the...
  3. Z


    Hi All, Just started my first grow not long ago. I bought two tents one for veg and one for flowering we can have 12 plants in my state. veg tent is 4x4 6'' out take hyper fan and filter 1200 watt Led, flower tent is 4x8' with 8'' hyper fan out and 6'' hyper intake with filters. this one has...
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