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    First time grower - Yellow leaves

    Hello, fellow growers. I´m new to the forums and first-time grower. :welcome: I´ve got 600w HPS light, in a room 4x6, 4 11L pots, 4 ladies. 2 White Widow, 1 Amnesia Haze and 1 Orange Bud. I´m using Plagron Growmix Soil, and Hesi TNT Complex Fertilizer (50ml/10L) I have them now 5 days under...
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    Hello all children out there in the universe!

    I´m a Finnish guy who think life is awesome! I just found this forum and are amazed over all the info it contains, very happy! I´m doing the 9-5 to get by but the weekends are mine and I like to explore life. Growing is fun, smoking aswell (NOT TOBACCO). Well I don´t know what else...