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    First CFL Grow - Tips And Comments Welcomed! Many Pictures

    Hello 420Magazine ! This is my first time growing, i'm glad i can finally start growing and I'm trying to do things right ! I've decided to start a grow journal to get some tips and to keep track of the progress. I've read a lot before starting, but it's still very new to me. My goal isn't to...
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    What are the best nutrients for vegging? I am on day 18 of veg cycle.

    Hello All, I am currently running two DWC containers. The big blue houses 3 Ice Cream clones, and one Candy Purple clone. Small black bucket on table has one taller Lemon Kush and the short one is a Kushadelic clone. I have had those for about 7 days now. The Lemon Kush is coming back...
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