iced grapefruit

  1. George from The Vault

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  2. C

    Abandoned Amenisia - Widow - Super Cheese - Iced Grapefruit - Scrog - Hydroponics

    Hi guys gonna show you how I used hydro and scrog
  3. N

    Completed Pineapple Express & Iced Grapefruit

    Okay, another journal lol. Here is my Pineapple Express from G13 Labs and Iced Grapefruit from Female Seeds. Both were planted into soil as feminised germinated seeds on 22 Dec, and sprouted on the 24th. They are living in a small cupboard with about 200w of CFLS. Iced Grapefruit was...
  4. C

    Completed Iced Grapefruit Feminized

    Iced grapefruit This is a great cross with the Grapefruit being the ideal mental painkiller. Making you high and happy and enlightened. ICE, being one of the strongest varieties of the world, is more of a physical heavy bodied painkiller:thumb: Indoor soil, 5 days into vegetation. Soil...
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