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  1. H

    HeavyChevy59 - First Grow - Mars II 400W - Happy Frog/Ideal 420 Soil - 2015

    What's up everybody thanks for checking out my first grow journal, this is also my very first grow so I definitely need a lot of help. My temps have been up & down and so has my humidity, plus I think my 3 plants may have powdery mildew and one of them has some really weird growth going on, I'll...
  2. Flower Child

    TokesALot & Flower Child's 8 Strain Experiment

    Hi and welcome to our new journal. I'm Flower Child and I will start out by giving you a bit of background about us. This is the start of our fifth grow and it's still a lot of fun. And it's the second time we are growing eight strains in a 4 x 4 space. We veg in a 2x4 tent under t-5's, and...
  3. shadowman

    Shadowman's Ideal 420 Soil Grow 2014

    I'm starting my second grow journal with Ideal 420 Soil. I will have it up and running soon, I just need to gather my information and then I'll officially start the journal. Thanks to everyone that has made my time here at 420 Magazine so enjoyable and informative. I couldn't have gotten this...
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