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    Hash plant grow questions

    Hash Plant growing in soil, indoors under 600 HPS. Does she like co2 during flowering? I thought all strains benefited from co2 until I met Sour Diesel. Ideal temps? Nute requirements? Thanks for any advice on growing this girl.

    Critical Mass

    Hey guys I heard Critical Mass was prone to mold?...Any ideas on what % is ideal??. And whats the ideal way to control humidity? I do have a window unit, 7500 btu ....it keeps the temps at 73 and the humidity at 60 all the time.....Is that ideal? Thanks Ahead for anyones time and opinion...
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    LED Bar Grow Lights Hot Sale

    Key benefits :thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb: • Controlled, uniform, high-quality (young) plant output • Proven for different growth characteristics, including full spectrum versions • Less heat radiation, so ideal for conditioned environments • Ideal for...