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    Plant Identification & Harvest Questions

    I ordered Blueberry seeds from the Crop King and started 4 (turned into 5 plants) this past winter. Started under grow lights and planted outdoors in a raised bed after last frost. (Now into October I need to harvest these soon, but I am not sure if they will have the time to be fully ready??)...
  2. G

    Identification of sex from pre flowers

    Hello everyone, This is my first grow so I am really not able to tell if my plant is female or male. I can see the pre-flowers are starting to show. Can someone help me identify the sex of my plant from the photo? Thanks
  3. Tiger Balm

    Cannabis Strain ID Thread

    Hello, 420Magazine readers, This thread is for us to post pictures of known strains in order to form a guide for the identification of mystery strains or bagseed. Here are examples of Satori from Mandala (see sponsor dope-seeds, and others). seedlings:
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