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  1. V

    I'm a new grower and i need your help, if you want to help me :)

    A few month ago i started my own growing, but now i got some trouble in it.. I have no idea how to fight these disease, even didnt know what they are... So i ask help for fix it as faster as i can. Sorry for my bad english, isnt my motherlanguages :)
  2. killua13

    How do I know when to harvest?

    I have four weed plants in the later flowering stages. Idk what strain the weed is I just found the seeds in weed I was smoking. I decided to plant them and learn as i went along and now they are almost done. Luckily they were all female plants. That being said idk if they ready. Here is a pic...
  3. M

    Need some help - New grower

    Hey i am a new grower and need a bit of help Setup Fan: 1 Light: Viperspectra 300w running 18/6 Plants: 1 Super lemon haze auto 1 Speciel queen Grow time 1 week 2 days Idk why the are streching Hope you guys can help :)
  4. M

    New grower - Have some questions

    Hi . I've been doing my research in terms of growing the plant itself ,but I'm struggling setting up my environment. I have a 3x3x5 gorilla tent and a 315w cmh. I'm lost when it comes to ventilation . The port holes in the tent are 10". I'm just not sure what size fan I should get for exhaust...
  5. M

    IDK what's going on

    Hey this is my first grow and this it's his 3rd day growing it was doing just fine then all of a sudden it started dropping like it is and IDK what to do.
  6. Blazinjones

    Curling leaves upward hydro setup

    If any1 can help me figure this out i wud greatly appreciate it idk if its cuz thy have 2 much water or 2 often or if its cuz of the nute like 2 much r sumthn idk if any1 can hel me figure out y they r curling up like this i wud greatly appreciate it thank you This 1 as well idk wats goin on...
  7. S

    PC fan setup is getting the best of me - Someone help me understand what to do please

    So I have these rosewill DF1202512SELN DC12V 0.16A PC Fan. I need it to ventilate my box. Can someone please tell me what to do. Have a look. There's 3 cords. Idk what to use.sorry no pictures rn I guess it won't load it Idk.