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    Overfert x N-def x Underlight

    Hi everybody, I'm relatively new to growing indoor, so I built myself a gr and I'm taking the risks. I'd like some help with one main problem (that eventually evolves to the second): 1 - How can I differentiate from overfert, N-def and underlight in plants P1, P2, P3 and P4? From what I've...
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    Little plant seems not healthy - What should I do?

    Hello fellow growers :Namaste: I'm now starting my second grow and I notice that one of my little plants are showing strange signals after 1-2 weeks. I could notice that some parts of the leaves got a brighter kind of plastic look, rolling on itself on that regions, aswell some brown dots...
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    Sick autoflower needs doctor asap

    Hi all, my two weeks old Nothern Light auto looks ill. I use a 300W dual spectrum CFL. So far I'm trying to bring down the temperature with ice and a computer fan. Still, cannot decide if it's the heat, too rich soil or overwatering that does this. Any ideas and suggestion would be appreciated!
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    New Grower having Problems

    Hi to you all, OK im a new grower done a little bit of growing before, but now im going it alone and im starting to experience some growing problems. I hope somebody can help. What Strain is it? Unknown Cuttings Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Unknown How Many Plants? 3...
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