1. B

    Help: Is my plant dying?

    Hey there growers, As I transplanted my plant a week ago now, I notice it is growing really, really slowly. The leaves are turning yellow and feel hard on touch. I was wondering if I could still save her! Please see the attached photos and the photos of another plant that sprouted at the...
  2. Ron Strider

    How Cannabis Helped Understand Mental Illness

    Early 19th-Century France saw the genesis of an interesting if controversial approach towards understanding the origins and nature of psychosis. Jacques-Joseph Moreau was at the forefront of modern psychiatry. “Self-Experimenters: Sources for Study” is a 2003 bibliographical book authored by...
  3. J

    Help me

    Hey guys my 3 weeks old baby girl has spot on its leaf please help me cure her. I can not find the right diognose for it. Thanks Leaf spot
  4. Katelyn Baker

    Mainstream Media Exposed Pushing Fake Story On Illness In States With Legal Weed

    The amusing irony of the "fake news" crusade being pushed by mainstream media is the fact that MSM themselves are publishing fake and misleading stories. Take CBS, for example. In November, CBS Boston published an article promoting an unproven blacklist of fake, misleading news sites. Now, in...
  5. W

    Hello everybody!

    I have just joined today. I smoked weed for many years until I developed emphysema in 2007. I stopped smoking pot in 2009 and tobacco in 2010. I forgot all about taking weed until recently when my friend, who's got MS, wanted to know about how to get hold of medical cannabis. I checked out...
  6. A

    Beginner's plant illness

    Hi Guys, Me and a friend, 3 month ago start a crop from seed, let me explain you the setup, We got -150 W HPS -400 W MH -300 LED -air exchanger -Fans We recently add the 300 W LED and at the same time we put our crop in flowering state, We are very carefull and we notice some leaf...
  7. J

    First time growing and having some problems

    Hi, this is my first time growing and i started off with 3 plants (two "dark devil" auto and one nirvana "swiss cheese" auto) the swiss cheese started to show some changes on the leaves and i dont know what it is or what to do. She is 3,5 weeks old and just started to show some flowers, im...
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