1. Ioane


    Ioane is the Hawaiian name given to this 3D microscopic view of trichomes. This cannabis plant was grown on the tropical island of Maui in Hawaiʻi. The magnification of this image of Ioane printed at 24 inches by 36 inches is 457X. We hope you and your friends enjoy this unique close up view...
  2. L

    Abandoned First Grow: Northern Light Fem, Soil, LED

    View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery ] Hello friends, This is my first grow in a closet. Would love for feedback, suggestions, ideas and comments...
  3. A

    First grow - Hello and help

    ok really enjoying my first grow - cleared out my small bedroom closet, got one seed, northern lights auto from royal grow, planted 11/28, out of grown 12/1, moved to a 4 gal smart pot, in fox farm ocean organic, following fox farm trio, started off light per all you growers, under VIPARSPECTRA...
  4. triumph2134

    The new guy

    Hello all! been a fan of a lot of your work for a while now and I wanted to introduce myself. Started growing a while back and came here for advice. Such a collective of people from all walks of life! Anyways I have some GSC going on week 3 veg. distilled water, Primordial Solutions...
  5. H

    Hi fellow cannabis lovers I need your help - More light needed?

    Hi everyone, This is my first post and it's a pleasure to be part of this community. I have read many posts from this site before in my initial investigations into growing cannabis so I decided to create an account and hook myself up with some serious growers and hopefully some great advice...
  6. C

    Can you identify this problem?

    Hello all this is my first actual post now I've stopped bieng a mong and realised how to put photos up :-/ Basically i have or had a beautiful Ghost Train Haze mother and recently (the last two weeks) she's bieng showing some pretty odd colour formations on the lower leaves below the...
  7. S

    Leaves turning brown & curling upwards

    Calling all plant Doctors I'm looking for some opinions. My plants are in an aeroponic grow. PH is 5.8, I feed with mills which I have used the past 4 grows with no issue. Leaf tips curling up and turning brown. I have included 2 photos. Any Ideas? View image in gallery View image in...
  8. K

    Bad clone

    I got a clone from a medical shop. Once I got home I notice the roots was brown so I decided to plant it to see if I can bring it back to life. Only thing is its not producing no buds are new growth the white hairs that was on it is turning brown I'm ready to trash it View image...
  9. K

    Need help with sex of plant

    Need help glasses broke. Cant see to tell sex. Help please. View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery
  10. curley wurley

    Purple leaf Cindy 99?

    My first grow and I'm not to sure about the purple leaves. Is this normal...healthy? 7 weeks of flowering and trichomes are still clear. View image in gallery View image in gallery
  11. K

    Should I be worried?

    Plants are approx. 17 days into flowering. I have started using Bloom 3-12-6 plant food I am just concerned about the yellowing leaves towards the stem? I pick off about 20 leaves a day per plant. Please advise! Thanks, katurango View image in gallery View image in gallery View...
  12. K

    Needed Help Sexing

    I think this 1st one is a male? View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery Maybe this one is female? View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery Many thanks in advance, katurango
  13. C

    Hello - I may have some plant problems

    I would be a first time grower and i may experience some problems with my plants (2) . I think it may be over-watering because initially , the pots didn't had holes , what do you think ? I also use LED 28W , 4-5h during the evening and the main source of light would be from the sun. room...
  14. G

    Need help please! White tiny spots & yellow & brown on #2 plant

    Hello hows everyone doing? i ran in to some problem that i cant seem to figure out, and i would like some outside opinion. plant #1: Tangy Auto Soil: happy frog mixed with perlite, root supplement, 2 tablespoons of Dlime. 2 feeding with nuts, 2.5ml cal mag, 2.5ml Big bloom, 2.5m grow big...
  15. B

    First Time Clone Grow

    Hey guys bought a clone about a month ago just for the fun of it. This is my first time growing and id be lying if i said i didnt ghetto rig it. I have CFL lights over it and have it in soil in a nice size tuppaware. I use fish fertilizer for nutrients and tap water (not sure oc ph level) all...
  16. T

    First time grow

    Hi I'm into week 5 of flowering of my king tut from pyramid seed, three of the colas started stretching again about seven days ago, I think it might be foxtaling due to heat stress, what do you guys think? Also do you think it has still time to go? Cheers View image in gallery View image...
  17. Pinktiger777

    Help - Something is wrong I think - Close to harvest but?

    These look funny, with all the new growth on the buds. Still not ready for harvest, as the trichomes are still clear. But what is this and how can I fix it? We are nearing the end of the grow, and two days ago I changed the water and didn't put any nutes in. My water PH is close to 8. I keep...
  18. Jfkingz535

    What am I doing wrong

    Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong my lease are starting to droop and how do I tell if this is male or female
  19. H

    Newbie needs some guidance

    I have 3 plants showing all same issues. Plants are 2 to 2 1/2 months old in veg state. 24 hour light. Temp and humity been good. Im using 2 bags happyfrog and 1 bag of cheaper soil for my soil. Using Tap water. PH is around 7. I also plan to use all of foxfarms 3 liquid fertilizers.They were...
  20. R

    How much taller do you think she will get?

    I am growing a Himalaya Blue Diesel Auto. She is 47 days from seed and she showed her first hair at 29 days. I am growing in Roots Organics soil and using their 5 ml Master Pack for my nutrients and Mykos. The plant is now 25+ inches tall and takes up most of the floor space. Basically the walls...
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