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  1. Tead

    Gallery images unencrypted

    So, I can totally understand why one would avoid encrypting images from a cpu impact standpoint... so I'm not sure if it's intended or not.... but you folks do know about it.... yes? <snip> https://www.420magazine.com/bmg/www/images/81a64bcc7817efdbb232601e52a294b5.gif...
  2. 420

    420 Magazine Seeking Graphic Artist

    Job duties include but not limited to; creating home page images for weekly updates of our news, sponsors, contests and product reviews, perfectly and tastefully cropping images for our social networking accounts and random graphics needed on the fly. Please send cover letters & resumes with...
  3. A

    Mother's little helper

    I apparently can grow(green thumb), so I can grow for my ma!! :-) I'm about to start my journal's ending, and start a new chapter -asap. :thanks: for the welcome, I hope you enjoy my images and stories. disclaimer: Alaska med card and handlers card are available upon request.
  4. Alchemist420

    Uploaded Images sitting in Queue

    Anyone else having issue with uploading images and them sitting in the queue and never posting ??? I just sent a PM to the only Admin or Mod showing online. It is not computer or browser related. I went and signed on with a different computer and browser and could see the images I uploaded...
  5. R

    Why Do We Still Depict All Pot Smokers As Bong-Toting Losers?

    According to a Health Canada report, about 39 percent of Canadians have tried smoking pot. There's no way they all look like Cheech & Chong, so why does the media keep portraying them that way? As Canada's Liberal government continues decriminalizing pot and moves towards legalization in...
  6. Cannafan

    Flowers for Tim

    Re: Fallen Warrior - Tim '420 Motoco' I couldn't be there, but I sent these to Tim's service today: Rest In Peace Tim, and Deepest sympathies to Mo and Family.