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    Montana Judge Rules To Re-Open Marijuana Dispensaries Immediately

    Helena - A judge has ruled that a voter initiative that will re-open Montana's medical marijuana dispensaries should take effect immediately. District Judge James Reynolds of Helena ruled Wednesday that an error in drafting the ballot measure should not delay patients' access to the drug...
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    MT: Complaint Seeks To Immediately Restore Access To Medical Marijuana

    Butte - Montana Cannabis Industry Association attorney Jim Goetz filed a request in Broadwater County district court on Tuesday to immediately implement medical marijuana reform Initiative 182 and restore access to thousands of patients otherwise cut off until June 30. Goetz' complaint...
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    Cam I save my girls.

    Tonight when I was feeding I accidentally used the bottle of sensi grow pt b by mistake instead of the bottle of diluted sensi grow and cal mag + I had mixed up before. I put the 2 parts of the sensi grow in 750 ml water bottles with the push down lids because it was easier to pour into my...