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  1. Ron Strider

    MI: Marijuana Legalization Topic Of Meeting

    Public Health, Delta and Menominee Counties, along with the SAVE council, will be hosting an Informational town hall meeting called Marijuana Legalization: "The Impact." The meeting will be held Thursday May 25, at the Bay College Besse Center Theater at 6 p.m. Guest speaker will be Kevin...
  2. LightHouse

    Vision Seeds Critical Impact

    Hey there folks! Here is my Critical Impact 3weeks flowering: What you think about my girl? 3weeks into flowering, 8weeks of flowering needed but might take it earlier not to get couch locked too much, it's heavy indica 80% :Namaste:
  3. K

    Colorado's Marijuana Industry Is An Economic Powerhouse

    More than 18,000 people in Colorado now have full-time jobs because of the legalized marijuana industry, which has generated a $2.39 billion impact on the Rocky Mountain State's economy. Those are two of the findings in a new report that attempts to quantify the impact of the marijuana...
  4. K

    CO: Study - Marijuana Has $2.4 Billion Economic Impact On State

    Denver - Legal marijuana has a $2.4 billion economic impact in Colorado, according to a study by the Marijuana Policy Group. The 24-page report concluded the marijuana industry is the fastest-growing business sector in the state. It's credited with creating 18,005 jobs in 2015, according to...
  5. inkrick

    2nd Grow - LED - Fridge Grow

    Hey all this is my 2nd grow, I'm using an old upside down fridge/freezer. Strain: vision seeds, critical impact Light: led Medium: grow wool Nutrients: Dutch master gold range+canna pk 14/13 Pot/reservoir: 50 litre pot, about 50 litre res, only using 40 litres at the moment Fans: running...
  6. K

    CO: CSU-Pueblo Research Institute Looks To Marijuana's Future

    Institutions across the country soon will be looking to Colorado State University-Pueblo as a pioneer in marijuana research that will bring together state officials, local governments and others to search for answers in this complicated new field. The university is set to become the first...