in my lungs

  1. Tic-Toke Filter tips

    Tic-Toke Filter tips

    Coolest washable Filter Tips ( for Joint, Preroll, one-hitters, chillums and glass pipes They block resin, tar aka "scobby sancks" keepings your mouth and lungs much cleaner. They also eliminate tar smell on fingers and allow to safely share joints with your own filter mouth tips.

    Funny WEEDGETS informercial videos

    I think we are the first brand to make Cannabis informercial:) Let me know if you see any others We make pipes and accessories with filtration and cooling to make your smoke a lot more smoother and a lot less harsh, drastically reducing coughing but more importantly so much safer for your...
  3. R

    Drug test (urine) in 1 week

    Hey people, i need some help ;) The thing is that for 3 weeks a go i smoked like 1-3g im not really sure how much it was, wasnt more than 3. Well next week I started to drink water. I took 30 cl each hour, I did that for 7 hours a day in 5 days. and the weekend I drinked alot of Pepsi, then no...
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