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  1. V

    Closet grow tent

    Hey all, Going to set up a grow in my closet and i only have 23 inches, not 24, so most of the standard grow tents are out. Does anyone know of a slightly smaller width tent? Ideally i would like a 20 inch by 36 inch tent, with a height less than 52 inches. Anything like this out on the...
  2. O

    1st Time Noob - DWC - Auto Blueberry Stealth DIY

    hi people im a 40 something smoker for many years but just recently started my first grow Been doing some research on here for a while and have been wanting to build a stealth grow for some time with work and life it's hard to find time but I've finally done it finished the box on a budget...
  3. D

    New tent setup

    Hey, figured this is the place to ask a question, seeing how every growing related search ends up on these forums. I'm about to purchase my first tent and just wanted to make sure i'm heading in the right direction. I left brand out as im not sure how important that is. Looking at running 5...
  4. D

    Roots and rock wool

    I have a question regarding roots and rock wool. i am currently vegging 4 plants ins 6 inch rock wool and i have some roots coming out of the 6 inch cube is this okay to keep them this way for the rest of my grow or will the roots die off?
  5. K

    Can U-shaped gardening staples be used to LST plants or will they damage roots?

    i bought these 12 inch ones off of amazon. I also have 6 inch ones. Can they be used to bend and tie down plants for "LST" training or will they damage roots if they pierce them? i've seen pics of people using cut off coat hangers but would like to verify its okay first. i am 3 weeks in...
  6. higherthehigh

    Tent walls are sucking in?

    hello all! got a problem i think? noticed my tent walls are sucking in, got a 6 inch x 600mm filter in there, i have a 4 inch intake fan too. my accoustic fan is on low and its still sucking the walls in. will this be bad for my plants? if i leave the door open a slight bit it...
  7. W


    Newbie here and have a question. Germinated 6 seeds from Crop King and just transplanted to pots my question is how deep should i have put them in? I had 3/4 to 1 inch tap roots. I just stuck my index finger in about an inch or so and dropped them in with tap root down and gently covered with...
  8. K

    Karnnage's First Grow - Auto Flower Blueberry

    Hey Guys! New to this whole thing so hoping that I can show my progress and get some help throughout my grow!! What I got so far! Growing 2 seedlings about 2 days above ground!!!!Germinated them in a cup of water then xfered them straight into my pots with soil! Seeds: ILGM Autoflower...
  9. N

    New grower looking for opinion

    Hi all....new 1st time grower in Massachusetts and wanted to know how my 6 inch, 3 week old white widow looks to those more experienced....THANKS!!
  10. Mindcontrol

    Mindcontrol AK-48 300Watt LED Hydro Tent - 2017

    Hello and cheers! Mindcontrol here! ready to report on my newest mission! I am a returning 420 member! here is what I am working with...... one bag seed (unknown) ( about to flip into bloom ) 3 ak48 nirvana seeds (on route now) Hydro- coco coir square plastic 1 gallon pot...
  11. GrowGladiator

    Beginner - Coco - LED - Scrog Grow

    Hi my name is William, April 2017 I have just started my first grow and I have found this community forum to be a great help towards the planning of my grow, Thank you, My grow is 120x80x160 (3x2x5) Fans - Rhino 5 inch fan + carbon filter, a 5 inch inline intake fan with filter. 9...
  12. Thatdude84

    Need help guys

    New to the game... Have 3 32w led and two taotronics led side lamps, 4x4x8 vivo sun grow tent, 4 inch intake and 4 inch exhaust with carbon filter , 5 gal fabric pots, coco bricks with perlite, humidity monitor, ph up and down liquid FF nutes, and white widow AF and candy cane AF seeds from crop...
  13. E

    Rookie gardener

    My five seeds have germinated. The tap roots are half inch long minimum. Using a 5 inch starter pot. Planted last night about 1 inch deep. Watered them. Will they grow? When can I expect to see success, or are the seeds too deep? Temperature is consistent at 72-75 degrees F. Overhead are a...
  14. 1

    First timer

    Hey guys, looking for advise.... plane to start by black indica auto seeds this week.... here is the set up 2 foot x 2 foot x 4 foot high wooden box with emergency blanket lining the inside and garden blanket(the stuff you put under mulch to stop the light getting in) box has a door...
  15. J

    Newbie questions - Photos attached - Any help would be much appreciated

    I am starting a grow in my basement. I am finishing up electrical this week; Sub panel and Titan controls helios 9. I am spray foaming all the walls and ceilings next week and blue boarding and plastering. I have a flower room that is 9'x9' and a veg room that is 5'X9. Ceilings are only 7 feet...
  16. A

    G13-haze first time grow! 600w hps light question

    hey everyone! its my first ever indoor grow tent. im using a 1x1x2 m tent, having a single plant(g13-haze) and im using 600w hps single light with cooltube. what is the recommended distance from the plant??? now the distance is 60 cm(23.6 inch), i told to keep it 18 inch...what do...
  17. C

    Wonder Woman - Grow Journal - 2016

    Hi everyone, it's been awhile since I've posted my last journals.. I'm back trying another go with Wonder Woman. After flirting with a few other strains I've come to realize she is my favorite.. First, the setup.. This grow is in a ventilated 192 cubic foot closet. The strain is...
  18. higherthehigh

    Will my set up work? Pic

    picasso has nothing on me as you can see by my artwork of the century. ill be running a 6 inch exctractor thats 550ph will it have enough power to suck or should i just give it a go?
  19. D

    Am I Missing Anything?

    I'm a first time grower and getting setup. Is this everything I should need to start my adventure? Any advice or opinions? Tent - GrowLab 80L - 4ft 11in x 2ft 7in x 6ft 7in Light - Mars Reflector 144 Grow - PowerGrow DWC Hydroponic Bucket Kit 5 Gallon w/ 6 inch net pot x2...
  20. D

    Is it possible to start veg and flower with a Mars 1600?

    hi , new to indoor , so learning and trying to get my tent working , started plants out door were just raging , put then in the tent , had ph and heat issues , its hot here , my leaf growth has gone from being health 6 inch leafs to little 3 inch narrow my plants are alive but not growing...