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  1. V

    Closet grow tent

    Hey all, Going to set up a grow in my closet and i only have 23 inches, not 24, so most of the standard grow tents are out. Does anyone know of a slightly smaller width tent? Ideally i would like a 20 inch by 36 inch tent, with a height less than 52 inches. Anything like this out on the...
  2. R

    How tall should plants be after two weeks - Mine are only 2"

    . This is my first grow. I have two plants that are two weeks old and are about the same size. I think they look healthy but they are only 2 inches tall. From what I've read they should be about 8 inches tall. They are both auto flowering feminized Northern Light (Northern Storm) by...
  3. King of Kings

    My First Journal - 4000W GG#4 WW & Many Other Strains - All Are Welcome Here

    Welcome brothers and sisters to my 1st journal. Im a new member to this community and I'm going to do my absolute best to bring you the best information I can. Before sept 30 I havent grown a single plant in 4+ years. We shall be covering a full range of stages for journaling (seeds, clones...
  4. ckenney82

    Plants stunted when moved from floro to 1000W LED

    Hey guys 1000w led Specifications: - Dimension: 12.2x8.26x2.36 inches - Replaces a 400 watt HPS/MH - Item Weight: 6.62 pounds - Full spectrum for all stages of plant growth - Core Coverage Area: 3.4ft x 3.8ft at 24" Height - LEDs Angle: 90° - 100pcs Double Chips 10W Bridgelux/Epileds...
  5. S

    Help! Blue Dream

    Need a bit of feed back; have a blue dream - 4.5 gallon pot - 2 (300 galaxyhydro's) vegged till plant height was 21 inches - now plant is 4.5 ft just in 3 weeks of flower (middle flower) and still growing, how height is an issue- any suggestions ? plant has all ready passed LED height by 6...
  6. PacificPeach

    Sick Plant Question

    I have 2 plants grown outside from Fast Buds LSD 25 seeds. They are each about 6 weeks from germination and are flowering now. One of the plants is about 18 inches tall and it is doing beautifully. The other plant is about 24 inches tall and it has a yellow discoloration on the interior part of...
  7. Gazoo

    How To - 7 Gal Rim Mount SCROG Pots In 2 X 4 Tent - 8.25 Sq Ft

    HOW TO Build the “7 Gal Rim Mount SCROG Pots” for a 2 X 4 Tent [8.25 Sq Ft] With the following 5 Main Areas of interest • TOTAL COST • COST BREAKDOWN • TOOLS NEEDED • PARTS LIST • BUILD INSTUCTIONS with Cut List (sizes) Hole Drill Location, with Layout & helpful hints...
  8. higherthehigh

    Hydro dripper question - Perlite & clay pebbles?

    currently running 4 pot wilma systems with clay pebbles. going to run 7l pots next but im thinking of putting 2 inches of clay pebbles in the bottom then filling the remaining with perlite, any oppinions on this?
  9. bugabu229

    Dinafem White Widow XXL auto lots of pics first grow

    Hey guys these are my White Widow Auto from dinafem. Just wanted to Basically see why my plants are so small. i figure it could be from some mistakes i made early on and how to correct them if possible. First i transplanted on day 5 from solo cups to 17 litterpots. they drooped for 1 days but...
  10. TheFertilizer

    Think I screwed up again - Plant will be too big for tent

    Been kind of a messed up run of things, and I think I messed up again. This plant from base to tops is 30 inches, and in the pot it's 3 feet high. I've run this strain before and expect a 1.5x to 2x stretch in height, and that's a big problem because my light will only go up to 60 inches...
  11. C

    CBD Auto Cheese

    I'm a first time grower and have 2 CBD Auto Cheese on the go. The plants look good from what I can tell. Plant #1 is 30" inches at about 72 Days Week 10. Plant #2 is 28" inches at about 70 Days Week 10. They still have not started to flower. I have them on 18/24 and wondering if I should change...
  12. S

    Hey everyone - Need help ASAP please

    So recently, an unexpected raid ended in my babies being cut and pulled. This was my first grow and they were so beautiful in my eighth week of flower.... All is left is a stalk that's about two inches with a few roots. No leaves, buds, nothing... Is it possible to revert these back to life???
  13. H

    DIY Scrog Net - Feedback & Advice Required

    Hello Everyone, I will try and keep this short. 5x5x7 Grow Tent + 900 watt LED Vero29 12 Cob Fixture + 4 - 15 gallon smart pots + organic soil - from seed to finish. I was going to build 4 individual SCROGs so they have their own SCROG per plant. Pots are 18" x 18" and 13.5" deep (15...
  14. H

    My First Grow - Pre-Journal Post - Feedback Please

    Hello Everyone, I am very looking forward to getting this grow up and running for March 01st. Here is my setup - not all purchased so please comment to ensure optimal success. I will be doing 4 separate plants in 15 gallon smart pots in a mix of soil yet to be determined with separate...
  15. T

    New grower

    Hi im new here.. i go by TMK ... im looking for some ideas.. gonna try my first grow. I received i new plastic cabinet for Christmas i wanna build a homemade growbox It 25 inches wide,35 inches tall, 18 inches deep. I have a 4 light bathroom vanity light i wanna run cfls... help me...
  16. I

    LED question

    Hi guys,im using an led on one of my plants,the plant is bushing out nicely but not gaining height,i started with the led half a meter above and now ive got it about 12 inches above the plant ,im thinking maybe i should change to cfl ? ,any advice welcome
  17. K

    Male or female

    How do you tell if a plant is more female if it is only 7 inches tall
  18. S

    Need some help with diagnosis please!

    Hi! I'm a newbie at growing, this will be my first grow! I have a small grow grow set up, and have just entered week four of veg. I'm using LED lighting on a 18/6 cycle and the light is about 24 inches away from tops of plants. I'm growing four Dutch treat and four great white shark plants. I'm...
  19. paydroDaNoob

    New grower

    just looking for opinions got 4x4 600w led at 32 inches ..little stretching 2.5 inches on biggest plant at day 14 from seed..heat stress early on..looks like it got top heavy but when i turned light on tonight it kinda straightened up even without string for support .which is not tied down by...
  20. G

    Ak 47

    I'm on my second try to grow the seeds they do ok and then start growing the first three grew up about 4 inches then bent over in the middle the next grow they are about ten inches and started bending over at the top I'm lost and I don't know what l'm doing wrong Help please