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    New kid on the bud - Nutrient advice

    Hey i like to fancy myself a grower even though i only have grown 3 using coco and Canna nutrients in a 6.5x6.5x6.5 growlab tent with a 1000w hps light. i was thinking about getting cannaboost i have heard that it increases the yield but i also heard that its bad for the plant..i just cant seem...
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    Week 2 Of Veg Update - Photos - Advice Used! - Please Comment Good Or Bad

    update on week 2 of veg for my Cherry pie and OG Platinum. Took your guys advice/mentoring and got a RH meter and turned my closet into grow room. Temperature is now approx. 80 degrees consistent and drops to 72 at night. RH is between 40-50%. New growth forms daily and huge increases every week...