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  1. bigbudz90

    Incredible Bulk & Lemon Haze RDWC

    Hey guys, Starting a new thread to be filled in the coming weeks as my existing grow wraps up.. will be using a new RDWC system I built (guide in my threads) + Green planet GP3 nutrients (told by hydro store it is the same as General Hydroponics 3 part system without the dyes) Hardware: DIY 6...
  2. bigbudz90

    Incredible Bulk, DWC, Rock Nutrients

    Ok so considering the last journal was my first and a mess to read i decided to repost grow #5 in a neater format to follow. Later this afternoon after water change ill post a update. ----GROW NUMBER 5---- WEEK 3 June 17th Clones transplanted Had some issues in week 2, wont go into detail but...
  3. bigbudz90

    Introduction & New Grow: Incredible Bulk DWC Grow, ROCK Nutrients

    Why hello fellow growers, stoners and alike! Ok so ive been growing for some time now and wanted to share some of my experiences, and of course gain new knowledge from all the amazing 420 peeps! so why not journal this grow which im currently entering week 3, also im going to share my mistakes...
  4. bigbudz90

    Strange leaf growth deformation

    Hi guys, So I have been growing Incredible Bulk for a year or two, setup is Oxypot DWC in a large tent (previously in a small tent inside), lights are 2000w LED using Rock nutrients for feed. Every crop no issues, strong healthy plants. Consistently cloning for over a year no problems.. Ok so...
  5. A

    The Absolutely Incredible And Bulky RDWC 750w LED Dr. Krippling Incredible Bulk: 2019 Indoor Feminised

    This journal will chronical single Dr. Krippling Incredible Bulk DWC grow from seed. Starting out in tent under Advanced LED XML350 and then will transfer to 2x2x3 BCNL Roommate (DWC Grow Box) with a 400W Super HPS Hortilux to flower. Incredible Bulk is an indica made up of super skunk, green...
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    Incredible Bulk
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    Incredible Bulk
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    Dr Krippling's Incredible Bulk 10x feminised
  9. Annabanana

    Anna's 3rd Time's A Charm: Fresh Start, Dr Kripplings

    My last journal attempt was scuppered by bad quality seeds. Now...after 6 orders and a nearly 3 month, frustrating wait, I've finally received some decent seeds.(Thanks to The Vault & The Seedsman!) So I'm gonna give it another whirl: SEEDLINGS: 10 x Incredible Bulk (Dr Krippling) FEM...
  10. OregonFarmer

    Second Grow - Soil - LED - Skywalker Kush - Incredible Bulk - Dutch Delight

    Hello! Well, here we go for round two!! This will be my second grow and I'm excited to be here! I have limited experience with growing but learning quickly with the support of friends and the community here. I do have multiple years of observing and being the 'gopher' by doing miscellaneous...
  11. W

    Incredible Bulk - 5 Bucket DWC - 1st Cannaventure From Seed

    Hey there all you movers & shakers!!! I actually started a grow journal on paper in a notebook, so I wanted to switch to online to get some tips & pointers from everyone! My babies are 3 weeks, 3 days old today. Seeds were bought online from the UK & came really fast! Only took a week or...
  12. M

    LED Oasis

    Well I've been lurking 4/18 months I am finally starting my own journal and while I didn't let you in at the exact beginning hey I got some construction out of the way some purchasing little bit of edging I want to let you know that I will be attempting to manage at 2 facility Perpetual grow one...
  13. Nismo12

    Fluxing Incredible! - Building It With Brix - 420

    Hello everyone! :welcome: We are about to embark on an Incredible journey. Here we will be fluxing our way through this grow. We will be doing a Dr. Krippling's Increndible builk. “Bred to be a heavy weight performer, this plant does not disappoint. Ideally needs to be switched to flower...
  14. A

    My First Grow - Success!

    My First Grow Dr. Krippling Incredible Bulk (Feminized) Seeds from Herbie's Connoisseur Grow (Advance Nutrients) Connoisseur Bloo Seeds germinated 2/12-2/14 Planted seeds 2/14 Harvested 5/15/16 "Percocet" sprouted 2/15 "Vicodin" sprouted 2/16. She got washed out of her hole when I first...
  15. G

    Incredible Bulk X 4 - Grow Journal

    Hey folks, Thanks for stopping by my grow journal for my next crop, Dr. Krippling's Incredible Bulk. This time around I'm going full tilt and planted 4 feminized IB seeds I got from Herbies (they really rock!) and got 4/4 germinated. Can't beat that! Anyway, here are the first 8 days of...
  16. Hashassinz

    Ever think you got a different seed than you ordered?

    I swear I ordered Incredible Bulk. Its like 40 days in flowering and there is no way that its incredible at all compared to my white widow. Does anyone know if this thing puts most its weight later on in flowering or something. Cause I flipped both the ww and incredible at the same time and the...
  17. ptk2k

    Incredible Bulk - Money Maker & Holy Grail 69 - LED Grow

    Strains (all feminised): Incredible Bulk (Dr. Krippling) 80% indica / 20% sativa Genetics: Big Bud x Super Skunk x Green Spirit Money Maker (Strain Hunters) 70% indica 30% sativa Genetics: Master Kush x Hindu Kush x Skunk Holy Grail 69 (Samsara) Sativa dominant Genetics: Matanuska Tundra x...
  18. N

    1st Grow: Dr Kripling Incredible Bulk, Fluxed, GLR, DLS, Small Tent. Any Suggestions?

    Greetings all! So then, I have finally decided to take the leap into cyberspace and connect with other 'interested parties'! I've read a few grow journals and have been inspired by the community here so I've decided to jump into the sandbox and see if anybody will share their toys! ;) I've...
  19. Perfect Sun LED

    LEDRF's White Widow x Big Bud & Incredible Bulk - Gavita & Apollo

    Before I get started with all the information on this grow, here are a few pics of previous grows. This next plant is still growing outside and is almost six feet tall now. What strain is it? Strains: Dr Krippling's Incredible Bulk (feminized) and Female's White Widow x Big Bud...
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