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  1. D

    Outdoor Gorilla Grow - Incredible Bulk, Original Cheese & Tutankhamon

    I started the incredible bulk and original cheese on April 1st seedlings were veged indoor under 5x 150w equivlent daylight spectrum totaling 14000 lm. The incredible bulk and original cheese was transplated outdoor on April 20th. I started germinating the tutankhamon on may 20th
  2. R

    RedEyes - Dr Krippling's Incredible Bulk - Grow Journal

    Exodus Oxypot, LED, SCROG grow.
  3. X

    Xave's LSD 25 Auto & Incredible Bulk Auto Indoor Grow

    Hey everyone welcome to my 3rd journal. For this grow I will be using the following stuff: 4 Gallon Pots Growing Medium: 45% Fox Farms Ocean Forest 45% Pro Mix BX 10% added perlite throughout the mixture and thin layer will go on top Grow Light : 600 watt HPS/ Metal Halide some cfl's if...
  4. R

    Early Skunk Greenhouse - Incredible Bulk

    Early skunk and incredible bulk outdoor with 5 hour of sun light and canna nutes in soil and airpots
  5. A

    Newbie Growing Incredible Bulk

    I'm 3/4 of the way through my first grow. I'm growing Dr. Krippling's Incredible Bulk and am in week 5 of flowering. I have some pretty good buds and even a couple of colas under a 4-light 185 watt LED. While my light is small, it seems to be doing an adequate job. Has anyone else grown this...
  6. T

    Incredible Bulk Autoflower

    Hi guys this is my first journal and second grow. I have just harvested some Blue cheese getting around 9oz from 4 plants and looking into experimenting this time round with of course a journal which I have never done before and also trying to maximise yield off one plant. Here's what's going...
  7. Torco

    Torco's Back Outdoor Grow 2016

    Howdy folks, I haven't posted a grow journal since 2008, Wow how time flys. I wish I had posted grow journals of all my grows the past 8 years. This is what im going to grow this year. Brains Peach Mango, Durga Mata, Obama Kush, 707 Truthband, Sour Tsunami, Incredible Bulk, Lemon Kush...
  8. Hashassinz

    Ever think you got a different seed than you ordered?

    I swear I ordered Incredible Bulk. Its like 40 days in flowering and there is no way that its incredible at all compared to my white widow. Does anyone know if this thing puts most its weight later on in flowering or something. Cause I flipped both the ww and incredible at the same time and the...
  9. Buckshot

    Big Mike

    I just saw this video, there is some incredible information in it.
  10. Pigeons420

    A Video Journal With Pigeons420 - 2016

    GROW VIDEOS w/PIGEONS420 Welcome Everyone! Here we go again with another journal, but this time with a twist. I will be updating this journal with only video updates. Over the last couple years I've been with the 420 Magazine I have been taught some incredible stuff and met some...
  11. doctor green

    Dr Krippling Incredible Bulk

    Has anyone here on 420 grown Dr krippling incredible bulk? I have some seeds on the way and just wondering about any info eg how much stretch , true flower time , light or heavy feeder, are big yield claims true,basically anything , also how does she smoke/taste? Thanks in advance .