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  1. budexpressnow

    New To 420 From Canada

    Hello Everyone! I am New User. Reading new tips and learning about the trends. Blessing BudExpressNow
  2. HorIzon420

    Horizon's Indoor Soil Grow: Trial Run, Delicious Seeds

    What's up everyone. Im a little late to start a journal, but figured why not. I have learned so much from this community and just want to be apart of it. I have a little hands on experience but not much. The last time I tried to grow my own it wasn't so good. I learned a lot about what not to...
  3. W

    Inda Gro Induction Lamp

    Saves up to 70% in electrical loads Emits 95% PAR usable light Excellent canopy penetration Faster rooting of clones and seedlings Long life lamps and drivers *60,000 hour 10 year warranty Highest lumens per watt of any induction lamp manufactured Single lamp for vegetative through flowering...
  4. W

    New Induction Lamps

    We are now carrying a new Induction Grow lamp by Inda Gro. These bad boys give you a 100.000 hour rated bulb life. Wide Spectrum High Intensity Lamp provides Clones through Flowering Light Spectrums. Maintains 90% Lumen Output at 70,000 Hours. Low heat. Very easy to use! Check out our...
  5. D

    India gro

    I am a total noob to growing. I've read lots of threads on LED but not much on the EFDL. I am starting from scratch and building everything myself. I've built an ebb and flow system from an 18 gallon staralite container with a 10 gallon on top. Im growing in my closet and I've framed in a 2x3x5...
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