Happy 4th! Get Limited 15% Off Now!

    Happy 4th! We've prepared a 24-hour sale - 15% off with the code "GROWFREE15" on VIVOSUN. Perfect time to pick up all the equipment that your grow space is missing. It’s not often we’re able to offer such a good deal, so come to get it while it lasts, just on July 4th! And we wish you the very...
  2. Katelyn Baker

    OR: Marijuana Businesses Step Up

    Independence - Organic Investments submitted a site design review to the City of Independence for 16,840-square feet of greenhouses for growing cannabis, and a 8,740 square-foot building for processing of cannabis and office use. Mark Jennings, of consulting firm Pure Botanicals, took part in...
  3. OlderGrower

    July 4th- Independence Day or is it July 1st?

    Good morning all, I started to think about the 4th of July and what it means to me personally. Yes it is a great day in American history but in the grand scope of things, I personally never experienced having to live under King George unless you count King GW Bush, but thats a whole...
  4. MadMike

    California NORML

    I was considering joining until I realized their stance on legalization. Why would anyone desire to allow government more power to decide the tax rate and regulate cannabis distribution? If they think once cannabis is legalized, government (which does not produce wealth through hard work like...
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