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  1. Momma’s Kitchen

    Indica vs Sativa

    Has anyone noticed a temp difference between Inficas and Sativas? My Blueberry are starting to foxtail but the indices are thriving?! Is that a thing?
  2. T

    Hello from India

    Hello everyone, I am a cannabis user from India as you probably have guessed from the title. :Namaste: Been smoking for a few years now, mostly recreational. Looking forward to meeting all you fellow stoners :volcano-smiley:
  3. Ron Strider

    India: Movement To Make Marijuana Legal Has Support Of 1 Of Narendra Modi's Ministers

    Taking inspiration from the West, India's women and child development minister, Maneka Gandhi, has voiced her support for legalizing marijuana in the country. In a meeting of a group of ministers (GOM) who are studying a new policy on drugs, 60-year-old Gandhi suggested that legalizing the...
  4. Ron Strider

    Why We Need To Talk About The Benefits Of Medical Marijuana

    Medical marijuana has been a controversial topic over the last few years. In the US, the benefits of medical marijuana are accepted and that is the reason behind their government legalising it in almost 26 states. In India, marijuana was legal until 1961, when the Single Convention on Narcotic...
  5. F

    FrOzEn's 420 Indoor Journal

    Sup People!! This is my 1st proper Indoor grow in India. This grow is semi-medical grow, as in, grown for me for smoking and for my mom who is suffering from Varicose Vein ulcers on leg. Cut the story short, here are my Information on the grow:- Seed Bank: Dinafem Strains: Super Silver, Blue...
  6. K

    Marijuana Could Replace Cancer Drugs, Why Is India Still Reluctant To Legalise It?

    Pressure is increasing on India, one of the world's top stoner destinations, to legalise marijuana for medicine, the push triggered by the product's growing acceptance worldwide as an alternative to cancer drugs. New Delhi, on paper, has not allowed medical marijuana, even banned production...
  7. K

    India: Mumbai Youth Meet To Take Cannabis Debate One Step Further

    Barely a week after four more states in the United States voted to legalise the use of cannabis for recreational purposes, a similar trend is being witnessed in India too, with forces coming together to discuss the medical benefits of the plant. On November 19, the Bombay Hemp Company...
  8. K

    The Spiritual Use Of Cannabis

    A depiction of the churning of the world in the ancient Indian creation myth. Most people are startled to find out that every major pharmacy in America offered cannabis tinctures as medicine until the 1930's when cannabis prohibition began in the US. Cannabis has been used for over a...
  9. K

    Shouldn't India Legalise Marijuana Now?

    Ganja. Pot. Weed. Mary Jane. Cannabis. These are the many names we know marijuana by. It might be illegal but it's also cheap and some even claim that it's healthy. So why is it illegal in the first place? Until 1985, all forms of cannabis-hashish, ganja and bhang were legally sold in India...
  10. K

    5 Cannabis Friendly Destinations In India

    BENGALURU: Cannabis derivates such as weed, hash and bang were pretty legal in India until 1985, when the Rajiv Gandhi government supposedly imposed a ban on it by categorizing it under other potentially harmful chemical drugs. There is quite a little conspiracy revolving around The Narcotic...
  11. R

    See Inside The Himalayan Villages That Grow Cannabis

    In the Himalayas of India, small villages thrive by growing cannabis. This is one of them. The village, perched on a mountain at 9,000 feet (2,700 meters), is only reachable on foot. The hike takes three hours. Villagers say it's been a good season so far–police have only shown up to cut...
  12. R

    India: Legalise Weed To Fight Alcohol Addiction, Suggests BJD MP Tathagata Satpathy

    The rise in alcohol addiction in India is the result of the ban on cannabis. That is, according to Lok Sabha MP from Odisha Tathagata Satpathy. Speaking in the parliament on Thursday, the Biju Janata Dal MP pitched for the legalisation of weed. This is not the first time that Satpathy has...
  13. S

    South India cannabis strain for Rick Simpson Oil preparation

    Hi All, I'm helping my 80 year old dad who is fighting with aggressive Liposarcoma in his tummy. From the material we got in southern part of India (near Vizag), we aren't sure if it is Indica or Sativa dominant. The smokers say it gives both high and sedative effects. We are confused...
  14. J

    The Indian Hemp Industry Wants You To Take it Seriously

    Hemp equals hippie. Does it not? Only bearded dudes talk about all things leafy. But this inquiry is purely from an environmental perspective. With carbon being pronounced a dirty word after the Paris Summit, the hemp industry in India and elsewhere is asking to be taken seriously as a producer...
  15. H

    Any growers from India?

    Hi Do we have any growers here from India?
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