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indica hybrid

  1. ReciCup

    Gushers Grow

    Trying my hand at #Gushers! She’s just begun to sprout so I’ll be transplanting her tomorrow! Wish me luck :goodluck:
  2. Rainbow Jones whole plant

    Rainbow Jones whole plant

    Rainbow Jones ending week 6 flowering
  3. Rainbow jones

    Rainbow jones


    Zombie Kush by Prime Cannabis In Las Vegas

    Heavy Indica Alert!!!! So this Zombie Kush is something else. It’s technically a Indica Hybrid but this strain is a knockout! It was grown by Prime. It’s 28% THC and was high in Pinene A and B as well as Caryophyllene, meaning that it helps with pain, stress and increases alertness. This bud...
  5. PurpleSpace

    PurpleSpace’s Soil PBF Grow Journal 2020

    What strain is it? Paul’s Blackberry Fire F4 - by New420guy Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Indica Hybrid 75/25 What percentages? THC 15-23% Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Seedling - 1 Day from breaking soil Indoor or outdoor? Indoor - 2x4x6.5 MarsHydro Tent Soil or Hydro? ProMix - Premium All...
  6. Greenwing blunt

    The Start Of A Re-Veg

    Ok here we are again lol, I am about to embark on another grow journey, a reveg to be more precise. Ok we have the big lady from my previous grow and the little lady from the previous grow plus three clones from the big girl. Your probably wondering way I kept the hami lady and I will give you...
  7. 20180618_131603.jpg


    Indica hybrid reveg
  8. 20180607_195935.jpg


    Indica hybrid
  9. 20180604_113624.jpg


    Indica hybrid day 1 week 6 of the flowering period
  10. 20180602_163129.jpg


    Indica hybrid hemofredit sprayed with a reverse fem spray
  11. 20180602_163932.jpg


    Indica hybrid hemofredit sprayed with a reverse fem spray
  12. 20180602_170613.jpg


    Indica hybrid hemofredit sprayed with a reverse fem spray
  13. 20180528_062155.jpg


    Officially the first day of week 5 in the flowering period
  14. 20180518_093517.jpg


    Dry ice co2 method
  15. 20180519_154820.jpg


    Indica hybrid hemofredit
  16. 20180521_142342.jpg


    Indica hybrid hemi
  17. 20180515_074347.jpg


    This is one of my out doors indica hybrid grow from last year
  18. Greenwing blunt

    Hey Guys First Time Member - Just Wanted To Share My Grow With You All

    Not shore if I am posting this in the right thread but here I am. This is my lady she is a sativa hybrid grown under a 600 watt hps using coco part A and B along with bio and bloom excalarator and pk topup, she is currently 3 weeks into flowering but I will post the photos week one from...
  19. BlazingWelder

    Kong is turning black

    I have a Kong, not king kong, just kong, clone growing. Purchased about 20 days ago from dispensary, was the healthiest of the bunch, and was roughly 3 inches tall. I transplanted into some fox farm ocean Forrest after 2 days in the little cup it was in, into a peat pot, and when transplanting...
  20. N

    First Grow - RDWC - Big Buddha Blue Cheese - FEM - Winter/Spring 2017

    RDWC HYDRO - 4 Site System with Control Bucket (5 Gals) Gyneral Hydroponics FloraSeries + CaliMag Chiller @ 65F | Air @ 68-78F | RH @ 45-55% | PH @ 6.0 4 X 8 Tent LED PANEL - DUOLUX 600 - Top Shelf (Veg & Flower) HID Equivalent: 1200w Sorry for the late start. Wasn't going...
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