indica hybrid

  1. BlazingWelder

    Kong is turning black

    I have a Kong, not king kong, just kong, clone growing. Purchased about 20 days ago from dispensary, was the healthiest of the bunch, and was roughly 3 inches tall. I transplanted into some fox farm ocean Forrest after 2 days in the little cup it was in, into a peat pot, and when transplanting...
  2. N

    First Grow - RDWC - Big Buddha Blue Cheese - FEM - Winter/Spring 2017

    RDWC HYDRO - 4 Site System with Control Bucket (5 Gals) Gyneral Hydroponics FloraSeries + CaliMag Chiller @ 65F | Air @ 68-78F | RH @ 45-55% | PH @ 6.0 4 X 8 Tent LED PANEL - DUOLUX 600 - Top Shelf (Veg & Flower) HID Equivalent: 1200w Sorry for the late start. Wasn't going...
  3. M

    UFO LED Micro grow week 8 flower results

    I have browsed a few of these sites for years in the search for information to help with my grows, and everything i find usually helps one way or another. I have successfully finished many grows over the past, yet I have never really thought about sharing anything on here before, i think its...