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  1. hazeluv69

    Tent too hot: Using a 1000w

    I’ve recently changed my light from my 600w hps to a dimlux 1000w I have used it before & am just entering end of veg so I thought I’d introduce the big light. It is on 600w, I have an oscillating fan and a 6inch extractor fan with ducting towards a window, it is a 1.2x1.2 tent. My issue is...
  2. DeckerX


    Strain: DeckerX
  3. K

    New grower having worries need help please

    So I’ve been trying to grow plants out doors I live on the east coast one of my plants look different then the others and starting to yellow I changed the soil last night cause I didn’t start out with the right soil I am now using happy farm I’m unsure of the strain moved and ended up mixing all...
  4. DopeLife

    How do you identify the strain?

    Hello it’s me again! How do you identify the strain? Indica? Sativa? Hybrid? ‍♀️ Seeds were given to me and only one sprouted….! As of now she’s growing beautifully (I think!!). Any help is much appreciated.
  5. aussiebuddy

    AussieBuddy's Kerosene Showdown 2021

    Hi guys, Thought I'd post a journal of my photoperiod Kerosene Krash grow. I've got 2 x Kerosene Krash and 1 x Banana Blaze. Growing with coco in airpots I started 1 of the KK seeds a week after the others. I had 1 x Mokums Tulip as well but it didn't survive transplant because I was careless...
  6. djashdj

    Outdoor, Autoflower, Early Miss, GG#4, TrainWreck, N.Lights, Pacific NorthWest Region

    Just getting this started. I haven't even begun germination. I should slap this disclaimer down now. I'm a TECH NERD and I've NEVER gardened a DAY in my life and I've only murdered indoor plants with neglect. I am however a great cook and baker and meticulous about following directions...
  7. S

    Modest Grower humblest seasons greetings to all

    What’s up, compliments to you and yours from me and mine. Just a modest grower in South Africa Johannesburg. Living and learning and keen to drop a jewel here and there haha That way most recent grow and harvest. Not too happy with the final outcome. I could of done a bit better. Learning curve...
  8. S

    Stoner Mama Gardens

    Hey everyone, this is my first journal ever, please bear with me. I'm Synaster, I'm a 41-year-old Mom of five, raised four amazing sons and have a nearly one and a half year old daughter. Haven't grown in at least 5 years, but in the past, had many successful indoor and outdoor gardens. This...
  9. Rainbow Jones

    Rainbow Jones

    One of my lowest yielders to date so far, but oh well :) I’m still gonna love it.
  10. Rainbow Jones w7d1

    Rainbow Jones w7d1

    Starting to get some amazing colors
  11. Cheese.jpg


    Day 42
  12. Northern Lights.jpg

    Northern Lights.jpg

    Day 43
  13. Afghan Hash Leaf

    Afghan Hash Leaf

    Can someone tell me if they think this could possibly be a sativa?? jk look at this 100% Indica leaf the middle is fully covered by overlap, talk about fat fingers <3
  14. Curiousnoob

    Curious' Monster Cropped Northern Lights Clones, Originally From 00Seeds

    Welcome to the seventh grow and the sixth journal of Curious' down under gardening adventures. After taking a little break and recently completing a trial run in a new setup with six feminised Northern Lights seeds from 00seeds (seedsman), two distinct phenos were chosen. One pheno leaned toward...
  15. Afghan Hash Leaf

    Afghan Hash Leaf

    8-05-2020 She is a 100% indica and I love looking at her short fat leaves next to the skinny hybrids
  16. Afghan Hash Leaf

    Afghan Hash Leaf

    8-05-2020 She is a 100% indica and I love looking at her short fat leaves next to the skinny hybrids
  17. C

    Nute burn? How to fix it, first grow

    Hey guys, I think I have nutrient burn. I was watering with low ec/ph’d water at first, but then I made a mixture of nutrients based on instructions from dr coco. I currently water with low EC(45, Tap water) PH’d water since I noticed the burn yesterday. Should I flush it as well until the...

    Zombie Kush by Prime Cannabis In Las Vegas

    Heavy Indica Alert!!!! So this Zombie Kush is something else. It’s technically a Indica Hybrid but this strain is a knockout! It was grown by Prime. It’s 28% THC and was high in Pinene A and B as well as Caryophyllene, meaning that it helps with pain, stress and increases alertness. This bud...
  19. Drakka

    Help: Darkening new growth and yellow tips

    Hi everyone! This is my second thread about some issues that i’m experiencing within my first grow. I got a 60x50x140cm DIY box, I had to place it in a room where temp and Rh varies depending on the daily weather, as I got no other rooms to place it. Light: Spiderfarmer SF 1000 (24 inch away...
  20. Liam300

    Flowering Gelato#33 & Kobe OG

    Just put these gals into flower today. They’re in 1 gal fabric pots and have been vegging for 5 weeks. Sitting in oceanforest soil, feeding em with tap water ph’d to 6.5. Using foxfarm nutrients, this is a 1.5x1.5x4 tent. I have autos growing in my bigger tent. The bigger plant is Kobe, the...
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