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  1. cannilingus

    Common for me - Bloom time problems

    too much stuff? i dont give me much. or, is this just normal? these, are on aurora indica, at week 6. in bloom.
  2. S

    The THCV unicorn in Indica or hybrid

    I'm having a tough time finding strains with notable THCV levels ... particularly in a strain that would also address insomnia. My wife has major insomnia which can be addressed by Indica strains but it seems to be the Sativas that typically have THCV. THCV reduces the munchies issue which is...
  3. Cypher Labs

    Cypher's First Grow

    Welcome to Cypher's very first, official indoor garden! It's been a long time coming, waited many years for legality and space. Not much space though as this will be an indoor closet grow. GOAL: Dense, quality medicine. Style attempting: Double FLUX. Should I be? NO.. Inspiration x...
  4. MadScience

    Recommendations For Colorado Pot Shops That Sell Seed

    Hey all, I'll pass through Colorado next month on a road trip. I'm familiar with just one business that sells respectable non-feminized seed - Centennial Seeds in Denver. (Their Dukini Kush is five star indica.) Any suggestions on other stores that sell good strains? Preferably in the Denver or...
  5. E

    Pineapple Express: indica dominate or sativa dominate?

    Hi, I've read claims both ways. I'm asking about G13 Labs Pineapple Express hybrid. Some seed companies call it indica dominate, others sativa. Most people say it's a sativa, but many say indica. What are the properties of the high? This is my first experience with it. G13's website has...
  6. higherthehigh

    Fast flowering seeds? I need your info on what's the fastest and where from

    hello everybody! would anyone no if there are any seeds out there thats fast flowering and not autoflowers. good genetics is a must and prefer to be mostly indica or a dominant indica hybrid. thanks everyone!
  7. Kwsmoke

    KWsmoke's Outdoor Bagseed Container Grow 2017

    Latitude - 33.51 Started a bagseed back in February with a coir perlite mix. Can't remember strain, but I usually only buy indica or indica dominates so that's what I'm leaning toward. First few weeks after transplant things were going swimmingly. Used a homemade compost mix until it's...
  8. M

    Flowering progress - Worth keeping?

    Hi, This is my first dwc grow. I have 2 plants on the end of the 5th week. I was wondering if the plants are in a good progress. I have one indica and one sativa. On the end of the 3rd week I have broken a stemp of the sativa. The indica looks like she's progressing well, however...
  9. Pakkman223

    Help! not sure about this fan leaf.

    I had topped about almost a week ago new growth is seen to Be coming in. But I may have hurt one of the fan leaves growing since I micro topped. You can see from where I circled that the fan leaf is not growing but the fan leaf on the opposite side is thriving. And from where the topping...
  10. S

    First Grow - Berry's - Beginner - Indica

    Hi guys, i am a beginner grower :) This will be my first grow. I follow every advice i want to be smarter and smarter. So i plant 2 different weed. 1x Blackberry Kush , 1x Auto Fastberry. After the seeds arrive, i place them into a glass for 6 hours, and after that 32 hours in a paper towel...
  11. P

    First grow - How am I doing?

    Hi all, ive been poking around here while ive been working on my first grow. Im indoor, have a galaxyhydro 300 which i know isnt the best led but my plants sure seem to like it. Its a negative pressure cabinet i just vent outside, im not concerned w smell as my neighbors are just wildlife...
  12. Ron Strider

    What, Exactly, Is The Difference Between Sativa And Indica Strains Of Weed?

    Cannabis is a bit like wine: There are different species, dozens of hybrids, and a world of marketing that makes buying the right kind seriously confusing. For the average customer, the differences between Orange Kush or Blueberry Lamsbread are likely no more clear than the nuances that...
  13. GrizzWald

    Regular indica autos

    im looking for the most pure indica auto in a regular seed, all suggestions are appreciated, thanks :48:
  14. F

    1st Grow - Fabzster - MarsLED - Bubbleponics - Bubba Kush, Confidential Cheese - 2017

    What strain is it? 3 x Dinafem Bubba Kush and 1 x Confidential Cheese Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Bubba Kush (10% Sativa and 90% Indica) Confidential Cheese (30% Sativa and 70% Indica) Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Germination stage Indoor or outdoor? Indoor Soil or...
  15. lxstnr

    Lx's Multi Strain Soil Grow - 2017

    Alright this is my second attempt at a journal hopefully get this one right..! What strain is it? Gorilla dosha (gg4 x dosidos), Gelato, random seed gifted by a friend Gorilla Dosha: Indica / Sativa: 75/25 Gelato: Indica / Sativa: 55/45 Random: not sure Currently in flower Vegged for 2-2...
  16. K

    4 Auto Strains - LED - First Grow

    Just started my first grow. I decided to start with autoflowers this first time around next time I will go photoperiod. Grow room is a 4x4 closet I lined with a double layer of mylar space blankets. Soil: Happy Frog ph 6.5 (Slurry test) Nutrients: Nectar for the gods spartan regime with...
  17. 420Greenery

    Clandestine - Soil - Indoor - Boca Catalina - 2017

    Hello, Clandestine here... First grow. Seed is germinating as of yesterday. Gear: 2x2.5x5'7 gorilla tent, Advanced Platinum P300 Led, Simple timer Strain: Boca Catalina - Indica
  18. D

    Aussie Outdoor Multi Strain Grow

    Strains: 1:Bomb Seeds THC Bomb (Regular)Type: Indica/Sativa Mix 2:Bomb Seeds Berry Bomb (Regular) Type: Indica/Sativa (Indica dominant) 3:Bomb Seeds Big Bomb (Regular)Type: Indica/Sativa Mix 4:Bomb seeds Gorilla Bomb (Fem)Type: Indica/Sativa Mix 5:Humboldt Seed Organization Black D.O.G...
  19. WeedNerd420

    Small Grow - 1 Plant Dakini Kush

    Hey everyone. I am new here and I love documenting my grows so I figured I would try and start a journal here. I am from the East Coast(MA) and we aren't legally allowed to grow outdoors and I am very poor, but I have a good 5 grows under my belt using this or worse so I'm hoping this grow...
  20. B

    My Project: On-Going

    OK I have plans to grow both Sativa and Indica but have no gardening experience never even watered an ordinary pot Therefore I decided to first learn something about gardening and then move to actual stuff (which is going to be very costly for me) and why not start with close relative of...
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