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  1. D

    Aussie Outdoor Multi Strain Grow

    Strains: 1:Bomb Seeds THC Bomb (Regular)Type: Indica/Sativa Mix 2:Bomb Seeds Berry Bomb (Regular) Type: Indica/Sativa (Indica dominant) 3:Bomb Seeds Big Bomb (Regular)Type: Indica/Sativa Mix 4:Bomb seeds Gorilla Bomb (Fem)Type: Indica/Sativa Mix 5:Humboldt Seed Organization Black D.O.G...
  2. WeedNerd420

    Small Grow: 1 Plant Dakini Kush

    Hey everyone. I am new here and I love documenting my grows so I figured I would try and start a journal here. I am from the East Coast, I am very poor, but I have a good 5 grows under my belt using this or worse so I'm hoping this grow is a bit better. I am a MMJ patient and among my...
  3. B

    My Project: On-Going

    OK I have plans to grow both Sativa and Indica but have no gardening experience never even watered an ordinary pot Therefore I decided to first learn something about gardening and then move to actual stuff (which is going to be very costly for me) and why not start with close relative of...
  4. M

    CKS Black Indica & CB Dutch Treat - Indoor soil grow

    Decided to journal my first grow. Its a closet soil grow as organic as possible. 2 Black Indica and 2 CB Dutch Treat Here is the link, please enjoy. Feedback is appreciated My First grow, Crop King seedsl Recent photos, almost through week 3 of flower :420::high-five:
  5. E

    Afghan Kush Special From World Of Seeds

    Planted on 2/7/17 germanated on 2/11/17. Same method as my other girls.. No special changes. This is my first 100% indica strain...can't wait,,,, HAPPY GROWING ,, FOOTLOOSE FOOTLOOSE KICK OFF YOUR SUNDAY SHOES,,LOL,,
  6. M

    New Guy

    He all, I am new to medicinal cannabis but not to cannabis in general lol. I recently acquired 4 600w hps lights with batwing style reflectors for 60 bucks off the local high school hahaha to commence my first medicinal grow...or grow under lights full stop... I am kicking off veg in...
  7. C

    Yellowing droopy leaves burnt tips 5 of the plants lost all of their leaves

    HYDRO GROW Strain - Sativa - Amnesia Lemon - 5 - 2/5 live - Indica - ayahuasca Purple - 15 - 12 sprouted - 11/12 barely live - Indica 80/20 - Pineapple Chunk - 5 - 2 sprouted - 1/2 live - white widow -5- 3 sprouted - 3/3 faiding fast - Indica 55/45 -Jack...
  8. B

    Did I do this right? - Mainlining

    System: Top fed DWC (10 gal Rubbermaid res) Expanded clay pellets plus net pot grow media 2X 300 W full spectrum LED lamps Air circulation via tabletop rotating fans CO2 augmentation General hydroponics liquid nutrients Super thrive Plant revolution great white Seed: Unknown...
  9. R

    Sativa and Indica difference

    Hi all! My current grow has both sativa and indica varieties. First time for Indica. I'm about to switch to budding and noticed that the indica was more sensitive to watering than the sativa. My schedule is every third day which the sativa does very well on, but the indica requires a shorter...
  10. SmokeyMcFly

    SmokeyMcFly's HighBrix, Grand Daddy Purple, Ace Bubba Kush & Cotton Candy Grow

    Time to start a new journal :high-five: Strains Grand Daddy Purp Original Grand Daddy Purp Seeds Specs Genetics Purple Urkle x Big Bud Type Indica Flowering Time 8-9 Weeks Harvest Early October THC Content 17-23% Yield Indoors 450-680 gr/m2, Outdoors 900-1300 gr Smell Grape, Berry, Sweet...
  11. R

    New Strains

    Haven't heard any chat yet on the subject. What new strains next year will you all be trying out???!!! I am looking forward to get the Durban Poison. Most of my plants are indica, I have one Auto Amnesia Haze however for my setup feminized is better.
  12. S

    Brand new...

    Not only am I perplexed as to the strain of this beautiful marijuana plant, I am wondering it's gender... Here are a few pics of this 3 week old bushy, immensely leaved Indica I assume.. Could I have a few suggestions as to the gender and strain...thanx..Tommy
  13. S

    Help - Is It Ready For Harvest?

    Hi this is new pic of my girl tell meits ready for harvest? today pictures.
  14. K

    A Beginners Guide To Cannabis Strains

    Even as different States continue to legalize marijuana for medical or recreational use, it will be helpful to understand the different strains in the market. Like most products, your encounter with one strain will give you a totally different experience from when using the other. Today, there...
  15. R

    Black Indica

    I have a couple Black Indica growing. They are however quite small and do not seem to stretch. Both at around 8 inches tall each, they are very bushy though. LST and topped. These are CK seeds, 3 gallon cloth pot. I have read that I would get more yield if I let the plant grow to about 1...
  16. D

    What deficiencies or burns are these? Photoperiod Indica Hybrid

    Hey all, been having some symptoms on my 4 month photoperiod indica hybrid, flowering for 1 month now, precisely. Have her on a big pot, 60 litres around that. Soil: She has a mix of kilomix, new mixed with some of it already used but has good soil conditions. Ph'D water: around 6.0-6.5...
  17. F

    Was I duped?

    Hey guys, I bought a few seeds from Nirvana shop a few years ago, maybe 2009. I ordered Aurora indica seeds. I was always fascinated by a pure indica plant seeing that I was used to growing mostly hybrids in my country. Unfortunately the plants never came to bearing flowers due to...
  18. LapRocket

    To harvest or not to harvest - That is the question!

    I prefer to chop mine when the trichomes are a bit milky, if they are a sativa or a sativa dominant hybrid. One the flip side, I like to harvest with a bit of an amber tint when the plant is an indica or indica dominant hybrid. What do you fine folks prefer? I'm chopping these tonight as they're...
  19. PagoTheRandy

    First Ever Grow - Coco Coir - Complete Journal - Feedback Very Welcomed!

    I will be documenting my entire grow from setup to harvest. I have done what seems like days of reading on exactly what i want to do but seeing as this is my first grow I would love recommendations and pretty much feedback in general. :welcome: My setup so far is as follows: 3x 100w 2700k...
  20. B

    Bogdan - Coco-Coir - Grow Journal - 2016

    Last update: 4th October 2016 - I'm gonna be updating the journal once every 2-3 days Hello growers community! I have just joined this forum and I would like to present you my first humble grow. First, here are the details of my plant: What strain is it? Aurora Indica [Feminized] Is it...
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