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  1. gr865

    Stackit Drying racks

    Hi ya'll, I was gifted a 36" X 6' HydroFarm Stackit drying rack. It is way to big for my needs but it was free. I may only use two trays or so. My question is to I cut the in the individual buds off or can I dry whole branches. I like having the branches as I feel they dry more even than...
  2. D

    Individual 5 Gal Buckets vs One Large Container - Any Thoughts?

    I'm building a DWC system and thinking about buying a large storage bin (like this: HDX 55 Gal. Storage Tote in Black (Pack of 4)-HDX55GONLINE(4) - The Home Depot) to fill up the majority of my 2x4 veg tent instead of individual 5 gal buckets. This allows me to only test 1 water container...