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indoor cfl grow help me

  1. Blkhippiee

    Week 5 Veg: Indoor Home Grow

    So now we’re entering week 5 of Veg. Starting to notice the undergrowth rising up and forming nice looking colas. I’ve been tying down the larger taller branches to allow more light to hit the middle area. I’ve also noticed the branches and main stem thickening. So far so good.
  2. A

    Help with White Widow?

    hey guys name is az first timer here please if you got time to hear me out i know it might be a long paragraph but im just gonna try and explain my situation really fast here... alright well so far have burned through 10 fem purple k seeds from a quality seed bank (first mistake on my part...
  3. H

    Blue Mystic and Full Moon - Please help

    hi first post very nervous. also im dyslexic so i apologies in advance for that as well. In summary: third grow seeds- blue mystic and full moon non feminized despite the fact all seven seem to be females. Room- new grow room 47 long 35 wide and 51 height in the front 31 weight in the back...
  4. C

    Indoor Cheese DWC Harvest Help!

    Ok everyone this is my first post and my first grow and have definitely had tons of questions through out this grow but i am just about at the Harvest window now. I had a batch of cheese filled with seeds so i figured why not. I started them all off in the aerogarden hydro setup and got really...
  5. Y

    Closet Stealth Grow - Dinafem RR Auto

    Hello, and welcome to my grow journal. I am starting hopefully two Auto-Dinafem roadrunner's, thank you in advance for taking the time to have look, advice is appreciated! - Pictures will be posted as I go along. Strain - Road Runner Indoor - 125w CFL Dual spec 18/6 Soil - MG and Back...
  6. T

    Indoor CFL Grow - Advice & Help Welcome!

    Hello all, I'm done with going to the streets to get my weed, so I've decided to grow indoors. First things first, the setup I have is not going to change, I am using tin foil the cover the walls of my grow space, as I really am broke. The space is 1.4m x 1.1m x .76m, so these are by no means...
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