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  1. danishoes21

    Diesel Auto (Fem) + Sensi Star (Fem) + Mystery Seed (Mexican Brick Weed)

    Hello folks Hope you guys all doing great growing and smoking. After a busy summer (work), I gotta say I lost all my summer plants due to lack of care... Long story short... But I came up with this Grow Experiment idea: I have a Diesel Auto (fem) Sensi Star (fem)...
  2. C

    Crazycarl's Perpetual Auto Grow

    Crazycarls Perpetual Auto Grow Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Autos Indoor grow box I will be removing the mid chamber that way I can get more height and set the lights up to better adjust them height wise too Soil will be TGA super soil oogle it If soil... What...
  3. I

    Confused - Coco - AK48 12/12 from seed - 4weeks In

    Hi all, This site has been really usefull for me when trying to diagnose my plants or compare them to other peoples :). So i wanted to make my own grow journal. First ill explain the grow; Strain - AK48 (Nirvana) (5 plants) Indoor/Outdoor - Indoor Light - 600w Dual Spectrum HPS Soil or...
  4. Y

    A Newbie Needs Help Urgently

    Hey guys , Im a beginner of the indoor growing and feeling happy about to be a part of this community . I have 6 indica plants that Im growing in my closet and they are in vegatative phase. Since Im a beginner I am not well informed of too many aspects of this indoor growing thing. I bought a...
  5. G

    CFL DWC 2nd Grow

    Strain-----Unknown Method-----Hydroponic Location---Indoor/growbox Medium----Rockwool, Clay pellets Days since sprout --- 28 days Lights---(4) CFLs...23w 6500k...23w 6500k...23w 2700k...23w 6500k (veg.) Veg---7pm-1pm lights on Temp lights on----88* Temp lights off---80* RH--- 40% PH----5.7-6.0...
  6. Indicas

    Kosher Kush / Strawberry Cough

    Plants: Kosher Kush & Strawberry Cough Lights: 4 Compact Fluorescent Lights = 300 Watt Equivalence -- > Will be adding more 4 more later in growth Medium: Happy Frog Soil Additives: Nitrogen * 2 parts blood meal * 3 parts fish meal Phosporous * 3 parts bone meal * 6 parts rock...
  7. K

    Cabinet Grow CFL

    Im grow in a really small space with very limited money.this is my journey through this for the cheap home grower i home it works. My set up is basic. One regular house buld 90 watt for heat one 45 watt cfl in a refletive light hood. The seeds are radom this and thats just good smoke. Any tips...
  8. C

    Trying a 24/0 cycle LED grow with 1 plant

    Trying a 24/0 cycle LED grow with 1 plant. Its a nirvana seeds autoflower feminized bubblicious and doing it in fox farms ocean forest. Also doing DNA seeds cannalope kush and Northern lights x blueberry in a separate tent under 250w hps still the same fox farms ocean forest soil but doing the...
  9. D

    Sweede1's Indoor Stealth Hydro First Time Bag Seed Grow Journal - 2012

    Hello Everyone! Welcome to my First time grow. A Little Backround I am very excited about this and have been reading many of the journals available at 420 Magazine. I am a complete newbie to growing but have been an avid smoker for 5 years now, and I am now thinking it is about time to grow...
  10. M

    Ways up everyone

    hi, new to the growing ways. my first grow is actually going pretty well. any suggestions or comments would be great.
  11. T

    New Grower Need some advice

    the grow space i have is 5ft wide 2ft deep and 7ft tall i am looking to do a hydroponics system with a mother and up to 50 clones i was wondering if a 1000 watt light is to big to use for veg and bud for the clones and i was thinking maybe a 400 watt MH to keep the mother going? to much...
  12. DoctorKush

    4 400 HPS 5x6 Closet Grow

    Genetics: Exodus Cheese Grow Area: 5x6 bedroom "walk-in" closet Lighting: (4) 400 HPS Digital Lights w/ Luminex Bulbs Medium: Fox Farm Ocean Forest (50/50 FoxFarm/Perlite) Nutrients: Fox Farm Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom, Grow Big, MaxiCrop, Super Thrive Water: De-chlorinated water Ventilation...
  13. n0ctem

    N0ctem's Poor Man's Mixed Strain Indoor Grow

    Hey guys, So I've lurked on this forum for awhile now and I've decided to start a journal for the grow I started a few days ago, so here goes nothing. At the moment I have two clones in Roots Organic Soil, One XJ-13 and one Casey Jones(In 24/0 at the moment). I also have several Warlock seeds...
  14. RVgrower

    RVgrower's Indoor Closet Grow: a Few N. Lights x Skunk & Some Bag Seeds Under CFL's

    I am now growing: (2) Fem "Northern Lights x Skunk", an Indica- heavy cross, both germinated around first of April. (1) almost died when it got buried too deep, & when I saved it, it's husk got stuck, & one Cotyledon broke off & it almost died! But it hung on & so I kept trying to take good care...
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