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  1. K

    I need help deciding what to change my soil to on my 2.5 week old seedlings

    My plants look good and have a nice colour to them, but 2/6 are curling upwards, I’m considering changing the soil. Their almost 3 weeks old. Ordering stuff online would take too long. Would it be okay to mix Golfgreen Organic Potting soil (GOLFGREEN® Organic Potting Soil, 25-L) and their...
  2. B

    Male or female?

    Hey guys, fairly new at this so I’m not sure if this plant is male or female. Can you guys let me know what you think?? I bought autos but didn’t realise they werent feminised. The strain is A Little kushy, thanks!
  3. meejay

    Meejay's Outdoor Cheese Haze Grow Journal, 2020

    Hello everyone. This is my first growth attempt in 25 years of smoking weed. I will try to give as much information as possible throughout my journey. Unfortunately, I have found this site during 3rd week of vegetation stage last week. I have just decided to write a journey as well. What...
  4. CherryLola

    Small Space 1m x 1m Indoor Soil Grow! HPS & LED 10+ Plants!

    Alright guys, first journal, few grows done, still lots to learn. This run we have got strains from ‘Seedsman’ , ‘Positronic seeds’ , ‘the plant’ and a few unknowns, 1 auto flower in early stage of flower but might take out soon. Strains are 2 Sticky Dream - positronic seeds (gg4 x blue rhino)...
  5. S

    Sticky Nugs' R2D2 600W LED Soil Grow: 1st Attempt

    Hey whats up everybody, just joined and glad to be a part of this community! I am currently on my first attempt at an indoor grow, just hoping to get some decent kind and learn along the way. I have done a good amount of reading online, including this site. But some info i find varies, and would...
  6. 408stoner

    How's my plant looking ?

    This is my plant Bag Seed Sensi Grow A&B Running 24/0 lights, Yueme Cob light 265 TRUE WATTS 1/28 seedling pop out of soil 5 gallon pots Haven’t added any nutrients till tomorrow just watered today. Watering every day just a spray and sometimes some cup water full. Also When should i start...
  7. 408stoner

    Ready for harvest?

    I was wondering if these plants are ready for harvest, Heres some info would appreciate some help! Happyfrog soil Sensi grow a and sensi grow b flipped to 12-12 on 12/2 Day 54 since flip! 2 plants 265w cob yueme lights bag seeds, no clue what strains Here are some pictures 1st plant...
  8. Tipistroy

    Tipistroy Perpetual Grow In Coco

    Hi 420 mag folks! I started a new grow 2 weeks ago after being busy all summer. I have 5 strain at the moment and will have a few more in the near future. 1 x critical orange punch feminized (Dutch Passion) 1 x skywalker kush feminized (DNA Genetic) 1 x Blueberry feminized (seedsman) 1 x Badazz...
  9. skipeye

    First Grow: 2 Northern Lights, 2019

    Hi there, Long time listener, first time caller (grower). ;) I started germification on these girls on Sept. 24th. I used the paper towel method. You can tell one of the plants is significantly larger than the other; I think she wasn't completely ready to be planted, but nonetheless, glad...
  10. A

    Help Lighting A 4x4x6 Tent

    Hello everyone, I was going to grow outdoors (first time growing) however my outdoor space may have little lighting. I was fortunate and picked up a used 4X4X6 Mars Hydro tent for 50$. I only want to grow 1(Auto-Flowers) maybe 2 but don't want to spend a fortune on a light.I wanted to grow...
  11. Bubbaman

    First time grow how does it look?

    First time growing. Just curious what others think about how it’s looking
  12. F

    Tried Dr.Seeds for my first autoflower grow

    Hey there fellow stoners lol ! I would like to share pics of my first autoflower grow with you ! I bought the seeds from drseeds.net, 3 months ago. Shipping time was fast and seeds were packaged in a vial in a very cool collectable tin foil :D (nice marketing there cause I want to buy more...
  13. MrSauga

    Sauga's Miracle On Fox Farm Street

    So, how's it goin' eh? Welcome to my third journal since joining this fabulous forum... Sauga's Miracle on Fox Farm Street :party: I've gained so much knowledge from the previous two, met so many new people, and helped as many as I could from what others passed on to me. It's been a lot of...
  14. I

    First grow, advice please

    I am growing GC and I started about 1 month ago are my babies looking alright or do I need to do anything else? Any advice would be great!!!
  15. Crystal Candy Week 5 Flower

    Crystal Candy Week 5 Flower

    Great Genetics.
  16. mcren

    MCren's Indoor Organic Grow

    hi everybody , ive been on 420mag for a while but didnt register , so first thread. please apologize my poor english , tryin to do my best. second grow for me but this time tried to document as much as i can at first for my self knowledge and tracking , but then decided to share, any comment...
  17. H

    I will need as much as possible info about indoor low THC weed, UK legal

    Hi folks, starting this project of grow hemp indoor and I need to know, for sure few good things, any other info will be HIGHly appreciated. 1) is growing low thc weed (0.2%) the same as weed with higher thc(I assume yes but worth to ask) 2) going for led light is it suggested,what area do they...
  18. GrowGirl63DurbanPoison03.JPG


    6 Durban Poison, and 2 Feminized Freebie seeds at 7 weeks of veg
  19. GrowGirl63DurbanPoison02.JPG


    6 Durban Poison, and 2 Feminized Freebie seeds at 7 weeks of veg
  20. GrowGirl63DurbanPoison01.JPG


    6 Durban Poison, and 2 Feminized Freebie seeds at 7 weeks of veg
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