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  1. A

    Help Lighting A 4x4x6 Tent

    Hello everyone, I was going to grow outdoors (first time growing) however my outdoor space may have little lighting. I was fortunate and picked up a used 4X4X6 Mars Hydro tent for 50$. I only want to grow 1(Auto-Flowers) maybe 2 but don't want to spend a fortune on a light.I wanted to grow...
  2. B

    First time grow how does it look?

    First time growing. Just curious what others think about how it’s looking
  3. F

    Tried Dr.Seeds for my first autoflower grow

    Hey there fellow stoners lol ! I would like to share pics of my first autoflower grow with you ! I bought the seeds from drseeds.net, 3 months ago. Shipping time was fast and seeds were packaged in a vial in a very cool collectable tin foil :D (nice marketing there cause I want to buy more...
  4. MrSauga

    Sauga's Miracle On Fox Farm Street

    So, how's it goin' eh? Welcome to my third journal since joining this fabulous forum... Sauga's Miracle on Fox Farm Street :party: I've gained so much knowledge from the previous two, met so many new people, and helped as many as I could from what others passed on to me. It's been a lot of...
  5. I

    First grow, advice please

    I am growing GC and I started about 1 month ago are my babies looking alright or do I need to do anything else? Any advice would be great!!!
  6. Crystal Candy Week 5 Flower

    Crystal Candy Week 5 Flower

    Great Genetics.
  7. mcren

    MCren's Indoor Organic Grow

    hi everybody , ive been on 420mag for a while but didnt register , so first thread. please apologize my poor english , tryin to do my best. second grow for me but this time tried to document as much as i can at first for my self knowledge and tracking , but then decided to share, any comment...
  8. H

    I will need as much as possible info about indoor low THC weed, UK legal

    Hi folks, starting this project of grow hemp indoor and I need to know, for sure few good things, any other info will be HIGHly appreciated. 1) is growing low thc weed (0.2%) the same as weed with higher thc(I assume yes but worth to ask) 2) going for led light is it suggested,what area do they...
  9. GrowGirl63DurbanPoison03.JPG


    6 Durban Poison, and 2 Feminized Freebie seeds at 7 weeks of veg
  10. GrowGirl63DurbanPoison02.JPG


    6 Durban Poison, and 2 Feminized Freebie seeds at 7 weeks of veg
  11. GrowGirl63DurbanPoison01.JPG


    6 Durban Poison, and 2 Feminized Freebie seeds at 7 weeks of veg
  12. Kilbarrack

    Migro 100 LED Help 12 Day Old Seedlings

    Hi Im using the Migro 100 led for the first time. I had it at less than a third power for the first 9 days, but they weren't growing that well. 2 days ago I turned it up to nearly 50% & now my girls are growing better. Anyone know can I or should I turn it up higher? C
  13. Mootah

    Mootah's Second Grow, Featuring Debilitator Kush & Whoberry Haze #1

    Welcome to my second grow here at 420 Magazine. I will be growing Debilitator Kush and Whoberry Haze #1 . Debilitator Kush is the work of a close friend , he has been growing and breeding since the 70's. Her lineage is Champagne x San Fernando Valley Kush. Whoberry Haze #1 is my cross of Blue...
  14. T

    Need Advice or help with first grow

    This is my first grow and basicly I accidentally had the led light on both GROWTH and the BLOOM setting at the same time for 18H per day first mistake then the cylinder cent thing fell from the fan and cracked and bent the main stem on my biggest plant so I cut the stem off (fml) and now I am...
  15. OGforthewin

    OGftw's Indoor Dogwalker & Blood Diamond OG Journal, 2018

    Cultivar: blood diamond OG dogwalker OG Hybrid mostly indica, from clone Veg, 4 weeks ( started October 7, 2018) Indoor Soil for mothers, hydro for veg/flower Mother plants are in soil king big roots soil amended with neem meal, kelp meal, crab meal and azomite. Cover cropped with clover. 5...
  16. AfromanDunDaDa

    First Time Grower-First Time Fluxing (Oh yeah...did I mention it's an auto-flower)

    Greetings fellow growers! Afroman here and I'm probably in WAY over my head. I'm a first time grower attempting my hand at "fluxing", or as others refer to, a very extensive alternative to mainlining. This technique is tested and proven to provide a generous mass of product in the end. For the...
  17. Dankzilla40

    Lady, Red Poison: My First Auto

    - The Plan- My plan was to start my next grow once my current harvest was done, but I decided I didn't want to wait that long. So I ordered a whole second setup and got my next grow going. So now I have my photoperiod in one tent and my first Auto in my second tent. -About My Lady Red Posion- 5...
  18. Dankzilla40

    First Grow Ever: Northern Lights Edition

    -About The Girls- 3 - Feminised Northern Lights - 90% Indica 10% Sativa. Purchased from: Seedman Breeder: Expert Seeds Ordered on September 6th and recieved September 19th. -The Setup- 24x48x60 tent 2x 300W LED(272 total actual watts) 6inch 440cfm in line fan 16inch carbon filter 2x 6 inch...
  19. Raze58

    7 weeks in flower Durban Poison, is it ready?

    This is my Durban at 7 weeks in flower. I took the best genome of alall my Durban and cloned it to get these beauties. The genome seems to be a sped up durban that buds much faster. Durbans usually 10 weeks flower. This is 7 weeks today. Does it look ready to harvest to you?? I am...
  20. MrSauga

    Sauga's First WW Indoor Grow, LED Style

    White Widow 60% Indica Early Veg Outdoor 70% Promix, 25% cow manure, 5% perlite, worm castings, oyster shells, calcium carbonate, dolomite (used manure, had no compost) 20L pails, 2 x 1 plant each pH 6-7, soil moisture level good no pests, just my wife Right now they are getting enough water to...
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