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  1. K

    Check Out My Grow

    This is my introduction to this forum hope you enjoy. More to come!!
  2. S

    Reflector question - need a new one

    Whats up 420 community?!?! Right now Im using a cheap open maxwing reflector. I want to get a cool tube but not sure exactly what im looking for. My tent is 4x4x7....using a 600w MH during veg and 600w HPS for flower. Could I get some suggestions from you experienced growers alike? Any help...
  3. D

    2x Jack Diesel - Scrog - CFL - Grow

    Hello, first indoor grow, I made grow box in my closet. 2x jack diesel autoflower in 11l pots 250w CFL lamp 20000 lm Box size is 0.6 sq meter Now I'm facing the problem about humidity it's about 40 celsius, in what way is possible to always keep it around 60?
  4. S

    New OG Kush Grow

    there 5 days old today jan 2cnd 2015,theres 7 of them the 2 with plastic plant tags r a experiment im doing with a thing called soiltabs nirvana gave,no nutes added to them just ph water then when time to flower i have flowertabs.they swear by them so im giving it a shot.the other 5 will b on my...
  5. M

    Shiva Skunk Indoor Micro Closet Grow

    Hello everybody, this is my first time using 420 magazine to post on. I am in the middle of growing a Fem. Shiva Skunk seed from Sensi Seeds. It has been going great so far so I thought I'd make a journal and share for everybody, please ask any questions you may have, sit back and enjoy...
  6. N

    Blue Dream Grow Room

    This is my 2nd time growing :) Wattage: 1000 MH Soil: 1.MC Hydoponex 2. MC Organic 3. Happy Frog 4.Perilite 5.Earthgrow ( Not the best mix ) Space: 8 ' Up & Down , 8 ' Wide , 10 ' Long Temp: 70-82 Hum:40-60 Ferts: Age Old Growth ATM 12-6-6 Stage: Veg , Day 10 Type:Clones ( 4 )
  7. O

    Outlier' s Indoor Growbox - Soil - Arjan's Haze #3 - Grow Journal - 07-2014

    Outlier's Indoor (Growbox) Soil Arjan' s Haze #3 Biobizz Grow Journal - 07/2014 Hi Everyone, After some research and reading, I finally decided to germinate one of the seeds I bought last year. As I'm growing in a grow box, I don't have a lot of space. Also, as this grow is for personal...
  8. Resonance

    Is my plan foolproof, or am I a fool?

    Hello 420mag community! I am very excited to start my first indoor grow, but I'm worried that I might be jumping in to eagerly. I have selected a nice and tall 4x2 grow tent with 600W HID lighting, ventilation, odor control, and oscillating fans. I assume there will be space for 8 full grown...
  9. P

    GHS Chemdog - Jack Herer - Damn Sour - Guerilla Grow - Summer 2014

    Ok here we go, I currently have a set of Greenhouse Seeds strains outdoors, and germing 2 more at the moment. 1 x Chemdog 1 x Damn Sour 3 x Jack Herer The Chemdog is approx 3 weeks from popping the soil (I have no idea) and residing outdoors in a 10L pot with miracle grow potting...
  10. Skunkballs420

    Vision Seeds - White Widow 2400W Indoor Grow

    Hi guys I am in the process of updating my current grow, I have pictures for the whole grow and will upload them as soon as I get a chance to get round to it. I am around a week from harvest and thought I would share my experience of this wonderful plant that I have been growing for 4...
  11. C

    420 2nd Indoor Grow - New ZNET 16 LED

    :Namaste: Welcome all to my 2nd grow. I will be using my New LED from Green Sun Amy as soon as it arrives! :Love: Pinky's Second Journal March 2014 - 10 Plants in Seedling & Veg Now:Love: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Soil: Pro Mix HP...
  12. daTenshi

    DaTenshi's Grow Journal 2014 - 2015

    Hey everybody! Welcome to my journal :circle-of-love: First off let's start with the info: Her name is Bushy Baby :Love: What strain is it? Unknown Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Sativa Dominant Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Re-vegetating and germinating 3 seeds If in Veg...
  13. B

    First Small Grow - One Plant

    So I have decided it's time. I have a very small space that I want to grow one plant. The closet is 2ft4 x 2ft x 5ft in height. I plan to grow one plant (strain tbd) in soil (bio-bizz all mix) under a 125watt duel spectrum. I am looking for any advice on growing on this small a scale...
  14. T

    There is always a first time

    Hello EveryOne ! Have a nice week ( a bit late ) ! My name is Thomas Turi ( nick name ) and i ' m from Greece . I decided to start my own grow . I have searched around and around , and i think that i ' m almost ready . I would like from you to take a look at the list below and tell me your...
  15. E

    Newbie here... Need a little help!

    Hello guys and gals! I am happy to be a new member here and I just started my first grow from seed on December 11th. I have been extremely happy with my results thus far. The strain seems to be indica dominant from bagseed but I ran into a fungus gnat issue about a week or so ago. After doing...
  16. daTenshi

    10 days old Lowryder AF

    Hey guys, I have two lovely lowryder autoflower babies. They 10 days old and need to be transplanted ( I know now they should have went into final pot, my bad ) and I gave them their first feed 2 days ago when I last watered. I will be transplanting later tonight before they go to sleep. Do I...
  17. T

    Indoor Grow - CFL - MH Lights - AutoFlower - Feminized - Regular

    Hello everyone, I'm Tina and I planned to plant cannabis with my bf we live in Iran and want to grow in a flat. This is my first attempt at a grow journal. Please feel free to stop by to help me , Any information from experts is Greatly appreciated and feel free to comment to my journal and...
  18. P

    New to forums

    hello everyone my name is paul and usually i like to keep my marijuana related stuff to myself but recently ive decided to share pictures of my plants with everyone else since my friends really enjoy looking at them, and also i like to get any constructive criticism/advice from members on here...
  19. captainhowdy

    CaptainHowdy's First Grow BC Purp

    HELLO EVERYONE! The awesome community here at 420 magazine has inspired me to start my grow journal . This is my first ever grow, consisting of one plant I currently have it under these conditions... I am using an organic Canadian sphagnum pete moss potting soil with perlite, forest compost...
  20. C

    Carterhkrs' First Indoor Soil Grow - Blue Mystic, Northern Lights - 2013

    Hey everyone! Growing: 1 Blue Mystic (seedling stage) 3 Northern Lights (1 just sprouted, 1 in soil waiting on her to break grounds, 1 is still germinating, gonna put it in soil tomorrow) Set up: walk-in closet (bad idea - already realized, temp is a big concern, but decided to struggle...
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