indoor hydroponics

  1. K

    First time indoor hydroponic

    using LED and florescent indoor, six hole unit using three 1-2 staggered. planted in January, I think they are almost ready to start budding. how many hours of light should I be giving to start flowering.
  2. eddieo

    Which size CFM carbon filter do I need?

    Hey smokers! I'm currently on my first grow here are a few details about my indoor grow. *Grow tent 60x60x160 *intake fan 5" 280m3/hr *exhaust fan 5" 380m3/hr *400W hps/mh bulb *Hydroponics DWC *OG Kush ONE Plant The grow is about 6 weeks, going good so far been growing without a...
  3. B

    Completed 1st Hydro - LED Grow With Crop King White Widow From Seed

    Hello and thanks for looking at my journal. I have never attempted to grow anything indoors, with LED's, or in hydro. This will be all new to me. I do keep a flower garden and vegetables and herbs, however this is all outdoors and pretty low maintence stuff. Pretty basic from a gardening...
  4. MKrop420

    Abandoned Mkrop's DWC

    Specs: Grow space: Indoor 3x3 tent Lighting: Swapping MH/HPS (600W) Method: Deep Water Culture Medium: Hydrocorn Training: ScroG Seed bank: Riot Seeds Strain: Cookie Dream -Strain Type Indica / Sativa Equal...
  5. M

    Abandoned Munchtrees' LED - DWC - SCROG Grow

    :welcome: Hello everyone, as a long time student of these forums and a few trial and error grows I'd like to welcome you all to my first ever grow journal! :welcome: I'll start with the basics: Indoor grow 5' x 2' x 2' grow box using blue prints from stratlogic's grow box...
  6. Oldude66

    Genteel Oldguy

    This seems like a good place to simply speak up. The setup - 11 x 15 room - 3 growing areas - the greening area is lit by LEDs, the sprouting is florescent and the flowering is sodium. I've smoked for nearly 60yrs now. This is the first time I've accepted that such behavior as a stand. My hope...
  7. T

    New Grower Need some advice

    the grow space i have is 5ft wide 2ft deep and 7ft tall i am looking to do a hydroponics system with a mother and up to 50 clones i was wondering if a 1000 watt light is to big to use for veg and bud for the clones and i was thinking maybe a 400 watt MH to keep the mother going? to much...
  8. M

    Abandoned The MedicineMen's Deep Water Culture - Jack 47/Purple Pineberry/Afghan Kush Ryder

    Hey everyone. After lurking around and looking at everything on the forums, I've finally been motivated to make my own profile and maybe try my hand at my own grow journal. First off, everyone should know this is a medical marijuana grow straight out of michigan, and everything is legal as it...
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