indoor led 300w beginner

  1. Dankzilla40

    First Grow Ever: Northern Lights Edition

    -About The Girls- 3 - Feminised Northern Lights - 90% Indica 10% Sativa. Purchased from: Seedman Breeder: Expert Seeds Ordered on September 6th and recieved September 19th. -The Setup- 24x48x60 tent 2x 300W LED(272 total actual watts) 6inch 440cfm in line fan 16inch carbon filter 2x 6 inch...
  2. BigBoned

    Big Boned The Noob Indoor Practice Grow - Mystery Seeds - In Soil - CFL & 300W LED

    Hey guys! I'm a beginner grower, I have grown outdoor this summer but not much before that... Before reading me, be aware that if some sentences sound weird, it is because english isn't my first langage! Here are some information about this journal: I started seeds on december 1st 2012, at...