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indoor set-up

  1. slogro

    Slogro's Bagseed on a Tight Budget almost ghetto CFL 2014 Version 1.0

    Good Morning! What we have here as my better half would say "The Nutty Professor's attempt to grow something from some bag seed. Thank you :420: community. I have learned so very much here and I hope to help this community grow. Have not figured out how to make my journal in my sig. Ill do that...
  2. Treehorn

    First Time Grower, jumping right in w/ Titan hydro

    Got the desire to grow, so with a supportive wife and Craigslist and a few bucks, I got myself a 5 x 5 tent, 1000w Light and ballast, The Titan System with expansion (18 sites, I am using only 6) and seems everything is working and waiting on beans in 'plain brown wrapper' as they say...
  3. J

    What ventilation fan should I buy?

    anyone here heard of dirt genius? I was looking around at some of their stuff cuz I need a new ventilation fan for my setup. what do people recommend?
  4. D


    Hey gang, I'm a throwBack from the 60s, LagunaBeachHigh class-of-69 and I do spell high with a capital "H" I've been pushin' technology in the motion picture industry for the last 30 years. I'm here to get my chops-up and push the envelope on technology once again but this time in "Green"...
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