indoor tent

  1. Enkidu

    Coco Enkidu Grow Journal 2016

    Welcome to my grow journal - 1st. This journal will be about my attempt at a perpetual grow using a Coco Organic mix (really just a version of super-soils on countless journals just to see if it works) in the below tent set up. I welcome any advice and look forward to meeting you :Namaste...
  2. T

    Amnesia Haze & More - T5 Lightwave - 2 x 600W HPS - 2.4 x 1.2 Tent

    Hello I have a couple of grows under my belt but been away from it for several years, Recently I decided to set back up. So here goes: What strain is it? Amnesia Haze x 5, A blue cheese,a royal cheese, fifth element, high priority, chocolate mint, dedeverde haze and a purple pineberry...