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  1. S

    First Grow Agent Orange

    Hello all first time grower here in a legal state. I got a bag of Agent Orange that had a bunch of seeds and just thought “what the hell, why not”. Okay so I’ll post back pics but basically germinated the seeds and tossed them in organic soil on Oct 23, 2018. 4 total seeds, one did not make it...
  2. Enkidu

    Coco Enkidu Grow Journal 2016

    Welcome to my grow journal - 1st. This journal will be about my attempt at a perpetual grow using a Coco Organic mix (really just a version of super-soils on countless journals just to see if it works) in the below tent set up. I welcome any advice and look forward to meeting you :Namaste...
  3. T

    Amnesia Haze & More - T5 Lightwave - 2 x 600W HPS - 2.4 x 1.2 Tent

    Hello I have a couple of grows under my belt but been away from it for several years, Recently I decided to set back up. So here goes: What strain is it? Amnesia Haze x 5, A blue cheese,a royal cheese, fifth element, high priority, chocolate mint, dedeverde haze and a purple pineberry...
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